Volume 27, Number 30a, July 20, 2020
Pilots To Fill In For Fired Icelandair Flight Attendants
Icelandair fired all its flight attendants Friday and told pilots they’ll be doing those jobs temporarily starting Monday. The airline […]   Read this article
Yeah, The Guy In The Other Seat Can Kill You
The NTSB's sunshine hearing on Atlas Air 3591 revealed a first officer with a shocking lack of aptitude for flying airplanes. An experienced captain wasn't enough to avoid a fatal crash.   Read this article
20 Seconds To Save It: How An Impulsive Pilot Caused a Fatal Crash (Revised)
The crash of Atlas Air 3591 shocked the airline industry. It was caused by a first officer with a long […] Read this article

Misfueling Cited In Alaska Commander Crash
The NTSB cited misfueling in an accident that injured three people aboard a State of Alaska Shrike Commander in late […] Read this article

Poll: Would You Take a Ride in the Ehang Multirotor?
 Read this article

British Airways To End 747 Service
After spending nearly a billion dollars to freshen up its fleet of Boeing 747s, British Airways has announced they will […] Read this article

ICON Names New President
ICON Aircraft, which produces the A5 amphibious light sport aircraft (LSA), announced on Friday that it has named Jason Huang […] Read this article

Delta Offers Job Guarantees For Pay Cuts
Delta pilots have been told they have guaranteed jobs for at least the next year if they’ll agree to a […] Read this article

FAA In The Dark About Drone Swarm Sightings
The FAA had no idea who was flying swarms of drones over Colorado and Nebraska around the New Year and […] Read this article

Logbook Souvenirs Piling Up At Big Airports
When we reported that Dr. Jon Weiswasser flew into New York’s Big Three airports in April (and neglected to acknowledge […] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, July 17, 2020
This week's letters brought comments from readers about drone collisions, the F-15EX and the need for supersonic travel. Read this article