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Volume 30, Number 8a, February 20, 2023
Air Force Studies Autonomous Cargo Jets
The Air Force has awarded a contract to Silicon Valley firm Reliable Robotics to study the feasibility of flying its biggest iron autonomously. The company will look at whether it makes sense to fly multi-engine jet cargo planes from gate[…]   Read this article
Balloons And Runway Calamities: Why Wait To Panic?
If paranoia and hysteria aren’t brother and sister, they’re at least first cousins. A whiff of the former isn’t a bad thing in aviation, but during the past two weeks or so, we seem to have overdosed on both. And[…]   Read this article
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The Amazing Technology Of Pico Balloons
If there was anything good about three or four days of obsessing over unidentified balloons last weekend, it’s that we all learned about a fascinating niche of amateur radio that marries tiny radio transmitters to featherweight hydrogen balloons capable of[…] Read this article

Flaps/Prop Mix-up May Have Led To Nepal Crash
Nepalese authorities say an instructor pilot on the Yeti Airlines ATR72 that crashed in Pokhara in January may have inadvertently feathered both props while trying to lower the flaps. The plane crashed while on final for the new airport in[…] Read this article

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FAA Mandates SMS For 265 Major Airports
The FAA is requiring the establishment of safety management systems (SMS) at 265 of the country’s biggest and busiest airports with a final rule that will be effective 60 days from its publication in the Federal Register. The airports will[…] Read this article

American Pilots To Comply With NTSB Subpoenas
CNN is reporting the Allied Pilots Association says three American Airlines pilots will comply with an NTSB subpoena to testify in the board’s investigation of a runway incursion at JFK Airport on Jan. 13. The pilots were on a Boeing[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, February 17, 2023
Long-Range Defense Great article! I agree with most of it but would even go beyond. First time I did a REAL cross country on my own I was awakened to all the stuff you don’t learn in PRACTICE cross countries.[…] Read this article