Volume 26, Number 28a
July 15, 2019
ADS-B Preflight Requirement Issued (Clarified)
Some pilots and operators will have another series of preflight checks to conduct when the ADS-B mandate kicks in on […]   Read this article
Return To Hondo
We visited Hondo, Texas, to have a look at the new Colt LSA. But 20 years ago, the Air Force was trying to bury one its mistakes there.   Read this article
Best of the Web: How Apollo Made It Home To Earth
Getting to the Moon was one thing, but NASA designers had to design a way to safely brake a capsule […]   Read this article
MAX Return Pushed Back Again
There appears to be widespread agreement that the Boeing 737 MAX won’t return to service until at least the early […] Read this article

Hoverboard Eyed By French Military
Franky Zapata’s jet-powered hoverboard has progressed from the shaky-looking platform that wobbled over water only in its first flight to […] Read this article

Pipistrels Training Future Air Force Pilots
The first airplane some new Air Force pilots will fly might be a Pipistrel Alpha trainer. The first cohort of […] Read this article

Team Sets Global Circumnavigation Speed Record
A multinational team of pilots, astronauts and aviation professionals completed their mission to set a new record for the fastest […] Read this article

ELT Signal Traced To Bar 'Ornament'
The bane of search and rescue personnel is the unintentional ELT activation but officials in Portland had to admit they […] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, July 12, 2019
This week's letters brought comments from readers about the difficulties of flying to Oshkosh and the Boeing 737 MAX. Read this article

Industry Round-up, July 12, 2019
AVweb’s weekly news roundup uncovered reports of a training fleet expansion at Blue Line Aviation, the 13th annual electric aircraft […] Read this article

Short Final: Feathered Dangers
We were on a training flight to Ramona Airport. The ceiling was 3000 broken on a gorgeous winter day in […] Read this article