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Volume 30, Number 43e, October 27, 2023
Kansas State - Salina Adds Aviation Safety Minor Degree
Kansas State University (K-State) at Salinia, already with an extensive array of aviation curricula, has added a minor degree program in aviation safety. The program is tailored “to provide students with a knowledge of practices and procedures used in establishing[…]   Read this article
FAA Teams With USAF On Unmanned Aircraft Infrastructure Research
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced today (Oct. 26) it is joining the U.S. Air Force in a coordinated effort to safely integrate Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft into the National Airspace System. The armed service and the FAA will[…]   Read this article
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DoT Allocates Funding To Help Ensure Safe Winter Operations
The Department of Transportation announced today (Oct. 26) it is looking ahead to snowy weather. For the current fiscal year, the DoT has allocated $57.6 million in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law grants to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for “snowplows, de-icing[…] Read this article

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New Sherwin-Williams Pretreatment Aids Corrosion Protection
You might find a discussion on the chemical makeup of aircraft paint pretreatment coatings about as interesting as—watching it dry. But the protective properties of a high-tech precoating can save millions, industrywide, in preventing corrosion and a host of other[…] Read this article

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UK's ATC Charges On The Increase; Airlines Pushing Back
According to a Reuters report today (Oct. 26), airlines are pushing back at British aviation authorities for increases in charges for air traffic control services. NATS, the provider of air traffic control services in the UK, claims the increases are[…] Read this article

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Short Final: Structural Integrity
My first job in aviation back in 1978 was as an admissions counselor at East Coast Aero Tech, an A&P school in Lexington, Massachusetts (a town you may have heard of). As a freshly certificated private pilot, I discovered the[…] Read this article