Volume 28, Number 34a, August 16, 2021
Embraer Ponders Rear-Engine Turboprop Airliner
Embraer announced on Friday it’s pondering developing the first clean sheet turboprop airliner conceived in decades and it’s got some major differences from existing aircraft. The new plane, if it gets built, will have tail-mounted engines and the rest will[…]   Read this article
Change Of Watch At The NTSB
With the Senate’s confirmation Monday of Jennifer Homendy as the Chairman of the NTSB, I’ll resist cliches about frying pans and fires and instead offer the observation that she has work to do. In my view, the NTSB was once[…]   Read this article
When You're Done Flying The Goodyear Blimp, You Don't Just Tie It Down And Go Home
Goodyear has three iconic airships in the U.S. and a fourth based in Europe. For AirVenture 2021, they had Wingfoot Three stationed at Oshkosh for the entire week, where AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli spent a glorious half day fooling around the[…] Read this article

Canada Mandates Vaccinations For Airline Workers, Passengers
Anyone flying commercially in Canada and all the people who make that possible must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by the end of October. Canada’s federal government announced a sweeping vaccine mandate plan on Friday that includes all government employees, all[…] Read this article

Boeing Starliner Back To Factory For 'Troubleshooting'
Boeing’s Starliner crew capsule is heading back to the factory for a deeper dive into valve issues that scrubbed a critical shakedown flight earlier this month. The spacecraft was supposed to have launched to the International Space Station Aug. 3.[…] Read this article

Embraer Begins Electric Demonstrator Flight Test Campaign
Embraer has announced that it is beginning the first flight test campaign for its all-electric demonstrator aircraft. According to the company, early flights will primarily be evaluating the aircraft’s power, performance, control, thermal management and operational safety. Testing will take[…] Read this article

Electric/Piston Skymaster Tested In Scotland (Corrected)
A California company is testing a hybridized version of a Cessna 337 Skymaster on a short-haul route between Wick on Scotland’s mainland and the Orkney Islands town of Kirkwall. Ampaire’s push-pull twin has an electric motor in the front and[…] Read this article

A330 Almost Takes Off From Newark Taxiway
The agencies are undoubtedly looking into the case of a wayward Turkish Airlines Airbus A330 crew that nearly took off from a taxiway at Newark Liberty Airport Aug. 7. According to the Aviation Herald, the crew was cleared to take[…] Read this article

Helicopter Ice Cream Stop Nets Charges For Pilot
Police in Canada have charged a helicopter pilot after he used his Robinson R-44 to get an ice cream cake from the local Dairy Queen. The unidentified 34-year-old pilot will appear in court in September charged with unsafe operation of[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, August 13, 2021
It’s Good To Be Full Of Hot Air Wow, what a fail for the World’s Premier Independent Aviation New Source. It’s completely disheartening that your editors would green light an article that is so biased and ill-informed. The author has[…] Read this article