Volume 28, Number 38a, September 13, 2021
Environmental Groups Renew Fight To Ban 100LL
Spurred by a new study of lead levels in children living near a California airport, a coalition of environmental groups has renewed the effort to get the Environmental Protection Agency to issue an “endangerment finding” on the use of leaded[…]   Read this article
The Space Industry Needs Its Own Regulator
I wonder what the vetting process is for items that reach FAA Administrator Steve Dickson’s desk. There’s a lot going on at the agency these days and he’s just one guy. Something I’m sure he’s noticed, however, is how many[…]   Read this article
Best Of The Web: Cardboard Cadet
When I was a kid, cardboard had just been invented, but video cameras hadn’t been so there’s no record of my kid-size paper airplane constructs quite so entertaining as this brilliant film by Chris Castor and his son, Kai. The[…] Read this article

Airline Pilots Plan Pickets Over Working Conditions
Pilots at major airlines may put up information pickets at hubs around the country to protest working conditions. American Airlines pilots, members of the Allied Pilots Association, say they’ll be hitting the bricks at Miami and Dallas/Fort Worth “in coming[…] Read this article

Company Exporting Military Jetpacks
The U.S.’s newest military aircraft export fits into a couple of standard Pelican cases and can put a soldier into the action at a top speed of a 120 mph. Jetpack Aviation has announced it has sold two copies of[…] Read this article

U.S. To Rescue Afghan Pilots And Families From Uzbekistan
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that hundreds of Afghan air force pilots and family members will be taken out of Uzbekistan and flown to the U.S. base in Qatar following intense negotiations over the last couple of weeks. The[…] Read this article

OIG Probes FAA's Plans For Spacecraft And Aircraft Separation
The Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) is reviewing the FAA’s ability to keep spacecraft and aircraft from trading paint and the FAA says it’s welcoming the probe. The announcement came a week after the agency started an[…] Read this article

Seven Injured In Cape Air Crash
A pilot and six passengers were injured when a Cape Air Cessna 402C overran the runway at Provincetown Municipal Airport (PVC) in Provincetown, Massachusetts, on Thursday. According to officials, all seven people onboard were transported to Cape Cod Hospital following[…] Read this article

Industry Round-up, September 10, 2021
This week, AVweb’s news roundup found reports on a contract for online pilot training, an upgrade for an aviation information platform and the launch of a new pilot app. Avsoft International has signed a long-term contract with Serbia-based private business[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, September 10, 2021
Go Get Lost Where were you Paul when I needed your humor the most? That would have been during the pre GPS era of the 1970s searching for that elusive first strip 6 degrees south of the Equator in central[…] Read this article