Aero: EASA Announces Streamlined Regulations »

At the Aero Expo this week in Friedrichshafen, Germany, EASA officials renewed their pledge to simplify certification rules for the European industry, including major changes to the rules governing flight schools. Besides simplifying the rules on balloon and glider operations, the agency is actively working on decluttering its rule books, both in an effort to make compliance simpler, but also to give the industry a better chance to counter its rising age demographics and dwindling numbers. More

FAA Will Issue AD For CFM Engines »

In the wake of the uncontained engine failure that killed a passenger on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 earlier this week, the FAA has announced that it will issue an AD requiring inspections of certain CFM56-7B engines. This statement comes after NTSB chairman Robert Sumwalt said during a media briefing that a preliminary inspection of the engine on the Southwest Boeing 737-700 revealed that a fan blade had broken off at the hub and around the midpoint of the blade. More

NASA To Study Effects Of Supersonic Flight Noise On Communities »

NASA will be conducting a series of supersonic flights to gauge future community response to the noise signature of its Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator aircraft (LBFD). Since the contract for construction of the LBFD X-plane was only just awarded to Lockheed Martin at the beginning of April, the Quiet Supersonic Flights 2018 (QSF18) study will use a NASA F/A-18 research plane. More

FAA Reauthorization Bill Introduced »

New bipartisan legislation has been introduced in the House of Representatives that, if passed, would authorize funding for the FAA until 2023. Unlike previous iterations, H.R. 4, called the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, does not include provisions for removal of ATC from FAA oversight. The bill is scheduled to go to the House floor the week of April 23. More

NTSB: ERAU Crash An In-flight Breakup »

The NTSB is officially calling the fatal crash at Embry-Riddle earlier this month an in-flight breakup, although its report thus far is only preliminary. The accident occurred on April 4 and killed ERAU student Zach Capra and FAA DPE John S. Azma. More

Former Navy Pilot Praised For Handling Of Southwest Emergency »

Southwest Airlines captain Tammie Jo Shults, 56, is being hailed as a hero for her deft and calm handling of an uncontained engine failure that damaged her Boeing 737 and claimed the life of passenger Jennifer Riordan on Tuesday. More

Aero: Piper Announces Diesel Seminole »

As Piper rides a wave of trainer aircraft demand, it announced at Aero in Friedrichshafen, Germany, that it will offer a diesel version of its PA-44 Seminole. The new model will be powered by a new Jet-A engine model from Continental Motors, the 170-HP CD-170, a variant of Continentals CD-100 series diesel engines. More

Aero 2018 Opens: Electric Airplanes Dominate »

As Aero 2018 in Friedrichshafen is set to open this week with more than 630 exhibitors from 38 countries, electric aircraft and drone technology are expected to dominate the show. The floor will also be well populated with gyrocopters, new light sport aircraft and efficient engine technology. More

Airbus To Add Bunks In Cargo Hold »

Airbus is moving forward with a plan to develop modular passenger sleeping berths that could be installed in the cargo hold of the A330 by 2020. The modules will be easily interchangeable with standard cargo containers, and the changeover could be completed during a typical turnaround, according to Airbus. More

AD Affects 787 Operations »

An Airworthiness Directive published by the FAA on Tuesday restricts the operations of some Boeing 787s with Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines, noting that in the event of an engine failure, the time the aircraft can sustain flight on a single engine would be reduced. More than 380 aircraft in the worldwide fleet are affected by the problem, but only 14 are based in the U.S. More