100th Set Of Wipaire 8750 Floats Delivered To MAF

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Mission Aviation Fellowship delivers humanitarian aid to remote locations throughout the world, and that takes a special combination of talent and utility. The organization has found a perfect marriage in the short-body Cessna Caravan attached to a pair of Wipaire 8750 amphibious floats. The 100th shipset of the 8750 floats will soon be winging its way to Indonesia aboard a new MAF Caravan.

MAF Chief David Holsten took delivery of the big machine at AirVenture 2018. The principal advantage of the 8750 system is increased buoyancy allowing an additional 400 pounds of cargo.

“Multiply that increase times the thousands of flights this aircraft will be making into places where there are sometimes no roads and you can see the leverage this airplane will give us,” Holsten said.

The Wipaire 8750 system also includes a 600-pound baggage capacity in two float lockers port and starboard, plus a unique single-point refueling port on the main strut that allows Jet-A to be pumped into wing tanks from the ground. The system allows for a quicker turnaround to get the airplane back on task.

You can learn more from the video below. For more information go to www.wipaire.com.

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