The Falcon 2000EX Nears Certification

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Flight Testing Going Well ...

Dassault Falcon reports that it is in the final stages of certification for the new Falcon 2000EX. The total flight time accumulated on the Falcon 2000EXs has surpassed 435 hours. While the flight test program took longer than originally anticipated, Dassault says it was able to react quickly enough to maintain delivery schedules. All development work and certification flights were completed at the end of January. JAA and FAA certification should take place this month, and first customer deliveries shortly thereafter. Dasault Falcon officials expect deliveries of the Falcon 2000 and 2000EX to surpass the 275-aircraft mark by the end of 2004.

The flight test team has taken the aircraft through its entire flight envelope, up to 47,000 feet and to its Mmo of .86-.85 Mach. A cold-soak test in Northern Canada has confirmed the aircraft's systems down to -39 C (-38.2 F). In addition, the new high-efficiency Nordam ASP (Advanced Single Pivot) thrust reversers have been validated up to their maximum reversed thrust at 75% N1 at sea level.

... As Falcon Expands On A Proven Design

Those who look at the EX will probably mistake it for the Falcon 2000, as the Falcon 2000EX is really just a longer-legged version of the 2000. Based on the standard-equipped aircraft with six passengers, NBAA IFR reserves and at a normal cruising speed of .80 Mach, Dassault Falcon claims the nonstop capability increases from 3040 nm in the Falcon 2000, to 3800 nm in the Falcon 2000EX. The Falcon 2000EX airframe is basically identical to the original Falcon 2000 in terms of design, overall dimensions, cockpit, and cabin volume. However, there are some differences in terms of aircraft systems. Because of its higher operating weights, the Falcon 2000EX uses a heavier duty landing gear and brake system than the original Falcon 2000. "We are essentially building on the success of the Falcon 2000 program," explains Charles Edelstenne, chairman of Dassault Aviation.