Plan Your Next Trip with AVweb's Fuel Finder

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For local prices, enter your U.S. ZIP Code or Airport Identifier:
Fuel prices provided weekly by AirNav,
based on prices from the past 2 weeks.
Changes are relative to last week.

Ever wonder what the national average is for a gallon of avgas? Need to find up-to-the-minute fuel prices at all the FBOs along your route? Starting this week, you can answer those questions and plan your flights with AVweb's new Fuel Finder (to your right).

Featuring data provided by AirNav, the Fuel Finder will appear in every issue of AVwebBiz -- listing the latest prices for 100LL and Jet A and showing you how much those prices have risen or fallen in the last seven days. To get local fuel prices, just enter a U.S. ZIP Code or a 3- or 4-letter Airport Identifier into the Fuel Finder and click "Go."