AA 777 Damaged In Hong Kong Fire

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An American Airlines Boeing 777 was damaged Monday evening at Hong Kong Airport when either luggage or cargo being loaded on the aircraft caught fire. The fire occurred just as a container was being put in the aft cargo hold. Video from the scene shows a ramp worker falling from the hold and being helped away by coworkers. No passengers or flight crew were on the aircraft, which was to have left for Los Angeles in the early evening.

Early reports suggest an oil leak on the loading apparatus might be to blame for the fire. Passengers are being put on other flights to L.A. as the aircraft was clearly damaged by the fire, which was put out quickly by firefighters.

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My sources tell me the loader caught fire. There was no hazmat in the container that caused the fire. The operator was seen to jump to clear the fire and was injured as he did. The airline's engineering department is evaluating the damage and repair to the belly door.

Posted by: Manny Puerta | October 10, 2017 8:54 AM    Report this comment

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