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photo from The Hill

AOPA and NBAA (no mention of EAA) have taken the unprecedented step of setting up at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions to press issues of concern to general aviation. The Hill covered the joint schmoozefest at the Liberty in Charlotte on Tuesday. Among those attending were senior Democratic congressmen and senators along with delegates. There was socialization and some networking going on and it appears the spirit of political conventioneering was upheld. The party with the Dems came a week after a similar event in Tampa with aviation-minded delegates attending the Republican convention.

In Tampa, the groups hosted a similar cross-section of delegates and politicians and in each case the receptions were promoted with ads reminding politicians (some of the most avid users of GA) that they're fighting to protect the freedom of flight. AOPA announced the parties in July and invited delegates to sign up online to take part.