Air India Gets Bad Rap From Pilot

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An Air India pilot's (perhaps final) act of desperation has hit almost 200,000 views on YouTube but the profanity-filled lament (warning: multiple f-bombs) about his lack of flying time may be counterproductive to his stated goal. Air India has been on the ropes because of high fuel costs, intense competition and a legacy of labor strife. Officials of the airline have confirmed the unidentified first officer is one of theirs and that they're trying to figure out what to do with him after he uploaded Air India Rap, a no-holds-barred musical missive that attacks airline management, the pilots union and even takes a swipe at demographically challenged flight attendants. "He works for us, yes," airline spokesman G.P Rao told AFP. "We are looking into the issue. The management will decide how to go about it."

Perhaps in anticipation of the backlash, the pilot prefaces the video with a screen that says he doesn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings but it's probably hard for Air India brass to not take personally lyrics like "Why don't we punish those who [messed] up my airline?" not to mention the age-60-plus flight attendants to whom he refers to as "aunties." He also complains that he's not been paid in five months and is considering bankruptcy. But perhaps the most telling line in this story of a hard-luck pilot is this one: "Coz I am on Dreamliners. It made my dream come true. I get to ride this beauty. I'm one of the lucky few."