Alleged Serial Plane Shooter Charged

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A Minnesota man is facing attempted murder charges after a Cessna Skywagon that overflew his property took a gunshot in the fuselage. The Pioneer Press reported the criminal complaint against Chad Lynndell Olson, 51, of Fertile in northwest Minnesota, which alleges the shot that hit the Skywagon on Oct. 7 was the latest in a series of shooting incidents by the man who told a witness he believed the aircraft flying over his home to the nearby airport are “engaged in terrorism.” The witness said he had seen Olson shoot at four planes and the accused told him he’d fired his 30-06 rifle at three others earlier this year.

In the Oct. 7 incident, the unidentified pilot told police he heard an unusual “twang” as he approached the Fertile Airport and discovered a bullet hole while washing the plane the next day. He told authorities the bullet came close to cables and pulleys and the damage will cost about $20,000 to fix. Olson appeared in court on Friday charged with second-degree attempted murder, one count of second-degree assault and two counts of criminal damage to property, and could face more than 20 years in prison.

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If this alleged action was done by anyone other that a white male, the press (and trump) would be all over it and calling it "terrorism".

IMHO, most of these types of incidents are criminal acts and should be handled accordingly.

Double standard.


Posted by: Jeffery Darnall | October 16, 2017 7:15 AM    Report this comment

JD's comment is silly. The man involved is charged with attempted murder - what else should it be? Alleging that if someone else had of done it (presumably an Arab immigrant) that it would have been labeled terrorism, and then complaining about something that hasn't happened, is dumb.

Posted by: Edward Codrington | October 16, 2017 9:07 AM    Report this comment

It's all in the motive, JD, my Troll friend. Every time I read a report of a 'terrorism' event I see hesitancy to pronounce the obvious even when a guy or gal with gun yell's "Allah Akbar" and starts shooting. Those words are a pretty strong clue, but even then the LEO people do 'due diligence' before using the "T". You know, stuff like interviewing witnesses, friends, family etc., and trolling social media (that is, when the SM company consents to violating privacy standards). We seem to jump on the "hate crime" train a lot quicker than the "T", but that's just my perception as a white guy who can't help feeling blamed for most ills in society, going back to the Greeks and Romans. Even then, I have an open mind. Maybe the guy with the rifle hate's high wing aircraft, especially SEL versions?

Posted by: John Townsley | October 16, 2017 5:15 PM    Report this comment

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