BendixKing Announces New EFIS, ADS-B Products, KSN 770 Cert

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At EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh Monday, BendixKing announced its intention to compete head-to-head with Garmin in the EFIS market with a new suite called the AeroVue, a three-screen system based on Honeywell’s APEX line. In addition, BendixKing rolled out a full line of ADS-B products, offering both In and Out solutions, with deliveries available as soon as August, according to BendixKing president Kevin Gould.

In both the EFIS and ADS-B market, BendixKing intends to compete aggressively on price against Garmin. Gould said for the retrofit market which BendixKing will initially pursue for the AeroVue system, installations will be as much as $100,000 less than a G1000 of like capability. Gould said initial delivers of the AeroVue system are planned for the first half of 2015. STCs will initially apply to the King Air 200 market, but Gould said BendixKing plans to expand the approval list aggressively in the light jet and turbine market.

Based on Honeywell’s four-display Primus APEX, the AeroVue has three 12-inch displays, two PFDs and a single MFD between the two pilot displays. BendixKing is calling the AeroVue an IFD or integrated flight deck. It includes synthetic vision and, interestingly, internet connectivity through the BendixKing AeroWave system announced last spring at the Aircraft Electronics Association show in Nashville. Like most EFIS/FMS systems of this class, the AeroVue system has keyboard input, but it also features a unique trackball-controlled cursor arrangement that BendixKing calls a CCD or cursor control device. As a pot sweetener, BendixKing is offering a $25,000 installation credit for any would-be customer who deposits $500 against a new system purchase.

The new ADS-B products are called the KGX series and there are four products to choose from. The KGX 150 is a transceiver for ADS-B for aircraft operating below 18,000 and is equipped with a WAAS-capable GPS receiver. The KGX 130 has the same capability, but without the GPS receiver. Both are capable of transmitting data wirelessly to cockpit tablets. The new product series can be paired with existing transponders and some panel display units. Gould said prices range from $1489 to $4069, with an additional $349 for wireless capability.

Gould also said BendixKing will shortly receives TSO and STC approval for its KSN770 receiver and deliveries to dealers are expected by the end of August.