BendixKing Intros Flight Deck For Experimentals

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With little fanfare, at Sun 'n Fun 2018 BendixKing was showing its new XVue Touch integrated flight deck for experimental aircraft. Priced at $5499, the XVue Touch system has a high-resolution (near 4K graphics) 10.1-inch WUXGA color display with split-screen capability. The coated glass used on the display is anti-scratch, anti-glare and anti-smudge. The tech trickles down, in part, from hardware used in the F-16 fighter aircraft's avionics, according to BendixKing.

Able to display a full-screen PFD, an MFD and a combination of both, the 7.59-pound XVue Touch display has Honeywell’s SmartView synthetic vision and a wide 80-degree viewing angle. The MFD has a moving map, VFR and IFR charting and can display ADS-B weather and traffic data. The system has a shallow feature set, as all critical functions can be accessed in two touches or less.

The XVue uses a 1.48 by 6.25 by 3.67-inch control panel that houses four rotary knobs for commonly used functions like setting the heading bug (the system will have third-party autopilot compatibility), setting the baro, course select and altitude bug. It also has built-in Wi-Fi (for database and software loads) and a USB-C port. The touch display has no bezel knobs or buttons. Flight data is derived from a solid-state ADAHRS, of course, plus a magnetometer and OAT sensor.

BendixKing says the XVue Touch is compatible with the company’s KSN770 navigator, Garmin’s GTN750/650 navigators, plus Avidyne’s IFD-series navigators. There are no moving parts—not even an internal cooling fan—because the display is convection cooled. 

The XVue Touch is available for purchase now, via BendixKing's distributor Aviall (

Looking to install the XVue in your certified aircraft? You can't, just yet, since it isn't certified. But, BendixKing told AVweb that a certified version—with an AML-STC (approved model list via supplemental type certificate)—will be available at the end of June 2018. It will cover over 350 aircraft and carry a higher price tag of $12,590. 

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Comments (3)

No engine monitor functionality?

And a 220% price premium for certified?! That's some expensive magic paperwork...

Posted by: Robert Gatlin-Martin | April 16, 2018 11:30 AM    Report this comment

You can get a similar experimental package from Gamin or Dynon for about about the same price. Both of these brands have the ability to show EIS, AOA, etc. They can also control COM radios, transponders and autopilot. The Garmin G3x Touch has a video input too.

Looking at the specs the BK system weighs 11.9 pounds for the screen, control head, AHRS, magnetometer and OAT probe. The Garmin G3X comes in at 6.44 pounds for the same components, including the GEA-24 (EIS) box.

Why did BK decide to make a remote control panel that has 4 knobs? They certainly could have been incorporated into the wide bezel. It adds and additional 1.05 lbs too.

I have a 10" G3X Touch in my plane and absolutely love it. I think there isn't going to much of an market for experimental aircraft for the BK system with the other options that already exist.

Posted by: Phil Nelson | April 17, 2018 11:18 AM    Report this comment

For the certified market... this package appears to give Garmin some competition when compared to the G500TXI. Great idea having a separate knob panel to complement more layouts in aircraft.

Initially comparing features, the XVue Touch system has more features for a lot less cost over the G500 TXi.

Really great to see Bendix/King get back in the game and give some chase to Garmin. I like Garmin a lot, but all of us GA owners benefit from the big guys competing for our panel space.

Posted by: David Welch | May 3, 2018 5:31 PM    Report this comment

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