Cessna 310 Crashes On LA Freeway

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Both occupants of a twin Cessna survived a crash on the 405 freeway shortly after departure from John Wayne Airport. The pilot reported to the tower that they had lost the right engine and were trying to circle back to the airport (recording from LiveATC.com available below). The tower offered the Cessna right traffic for 20R shortly before the plane crashed northeast of the airport—either on a left base for 20R or right base having overshot the centerline. In the recording, the tower can be heard telling the pilot that his gear is up, and the pilot reports that he’s delaying gear extension to try to gain or maintain altitude.

The condition of the pilot and passenger are unknown, but presumed to be serious. The Los Angeles Times reports that Orange County Global Medical Center confirmed receiving multiple trauma patients from the crash. No one on the ground was injured.


Comments (2)

In the recording, the pilot tells the tower that he'll put the gear down on final. The video of the plane still in the air clearly shows the gear down. If there was any chance of not being able to make it to the runway, shouldn't the gear have been left up until reaching the runway was assured?

There were only two people on board and the airport is at sea level (or close to it). Shouldn't the 310 have been able to make a successful approach and landing (assuming the right prop feathered properly) if the gear had not been lowered before the runway was assured?

Posted by: Malcolm Ruthven | July 3, 2017 7:35 AM    Report this comment

In the video I saw, it appeared the Cessna was too slow on short final, and in a turn. My speculation is in that right turn (it was a starboard/right engine out) the pilot **may** have started to feel loss of roll/yaw control and chopped power on the good engine fearing a VMC rollover (which they are lucky did not happen), and if he cut power, the prop-wash went away on the port wing, causing a stall. The video seems to indicate an immediate loss of control/life with the plane mushing to the freeway. How anyone survived in plane, is truly a miracle.

Posted by: Darren Sarvis | July 3, 2017 12:02 PM    Report this comment

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