City Of Santa Monica Approves Runway Shortening

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The City of Santa Monica has approved a contract for shortening of the runway at SMO from 4,973 feet to 3,500 feet. After years of attempts to close the airport entirely, the City of Santa Monica entered into an agreement in January with the FAA that would permit the city to shorten the runway immediately and to close the airport in 2028. The excess runway will be converted to blastpad and runway overrun spaces. While sufficient for piston, turboprop and even light jet traffic, 3,500 feet won’t be enough runway for owners of the largest business jets, who will have to move their planes elsewhere. The city estimates shortening the runway will reduce jet traffic by 44 percent.

The exact design is scheduled for completion later this month with construction work ongoing from October to December of this year. The airport will be closed overnight for significant portions of this time and the city says operators can expect the airport to be closed for seven to 14 days during this period. 

Comments (5)

So.... they are chasing away the largest paying customers they have.
What's with CA and their inerrant drive toward a 3rd world economy and limiting the transportation radius of their people?

Posted by: Mark Fraser | August 12, 2017 8:25 AM    Report this comment

Sometimes peace of mind and contentment mean more to some than more money. I suspect the folks around the airport have money and are in search of peace and quiet.

I have flown for over 45 years. If there was a vote to close the local airport I would be in favor of it. Rude pilots who get their bit of pleasure while aggravating those down below deserve what they get.

Flying below pattern altitude, dragging a C206 in on a ten mile final with the propeller at low pitch, a downwind that is five miles from the airport, full power take off for five or more minutes after departure, etc., etc. The pilots here obviously don't give a damn.

There are many many airports in the Southern California area that the Santa Monican's can move to.

Posted by: Jeff Land | August 12, 2017 3:56 PM    Report this comment

Jeff, you know it is not true. I have lived in Santa Monica over 20 years and fly Baron and Mooney out of this airport. Please don't spread lies. Did someone offer you some money to post comments like above. This airport fight has nothing to do with pollution or noise- it is all about greed. Average home value for 20 plus year old home close to airport is approaching 3 million. People think that they can get another million if airport is converted to park. That is it. Watch the highway traffic on highway 10 and 405 close to airport and you will learn about pollution.

Posted by: kuljit hundal | August 13, 2017 12:25 PM    Report this comment

Though he doesn't clarify, I believe Jeff is talking about his home local airport and not SMO. I'm guessing that's the case since there doesn't appear to be anybody with that name on the airman registry in California. From my experience flying there, pilots in SoCal are very aware and concerned about noise in attempt to avoid the sad fate of SMO.

Posted by: Ryan S | August 14, 2017 1:53 PM    Report this comment

Jeff, not sure why you are making these claims; you obviously do not live near this airport based on your comments on how planes are operated in and out of Santa Monica. I fly a jet into Santa Monica about once a month. There are strict rules for noise abatement departures. Just after liftoff we must pull the power back and keep it back until reaching the coast so these full power departures for 5 minutes is just not true. And regarding your comment about a prop plane dragging in on a 10 mile final, that is just ridiculous. Most of the time we land coming in from the West which means we are over a heavily congested area, as in downtown LA. Not only would that be stupid it would be extremely dangerous. While I have been on the ramp in Santa Monica I have observed prop planes in the pattern; they fly tight patterns and are extremely courteous. They know the situation at SMO and don't want to have their airport taken away. So, if you have an honest comment, well make it but don't pretend you live in the area.

Posted by: Ken Finley | August 16, 2017 10:21 AM    Report this comment

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