FAA Seeks Comment On ATP Revisions

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The FAA is accepting comments until Dec. 21 on its proposed new ATP certification standards, which have been posted online. The standards were revised by an industry group chaired by David Oord, AOPA senior director of regulatory affairs, working with the FAA’s Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee. The working group proposed the new standards, and the FAA has accepted the proposal. Interested parties can review the proposal and submit comments online.

The working group’s goal was to ensure that the aeronautical-knowledge elements in the regulations “reflect what airmen really need to know for safe operation in the National Airspace System,” said Oord. The standard improves on the prior ATP practical test standard by consolidating overlapping tasks, AOPA said, and connects the knowledge standards for risk management and skill with content in FAA handbooks. Also, a Human Factors Task was added. The FAA and the industry group have been working since January 2014 to develop new standards, training guidance, test management, and reference materials for airman certification testing. 

Comments (4)

As an ATP, I want to write a comment on the new standards. But I need to read it first before commenting.

So I went to the government website and clicked around. It's probably just me, but I can't find the document.

Posted by: Mike P | October 31, 2018 3:40 PM    Report this comment

Couldnt post the direct link due to site prohibitions (this ones) (ed. may want to update the article to include a direct link to the proposed standards (its a pdf).

Click link above. (Opens new page) Then click on "For related information, Open Docket Folder". (opens new page) Now click on the "180925 Draft ATP ACS (002) - Request for Comments" (opens new page) Now click on the PDF link "View Attachment: pdf").

Posted by: Karl S | October 31, 2018 4:41 PM    Report this comment

Last comment didnt post. Will try again. To get to proposed standard, click link in article, then open docket folder, then draft standards, then open attachment. Its not quick.

Posted by: Karl S | October 31, 2018 4:42 PM    Report this comment

Thanks for the Progressives to get to the document. (I'm glad that successfully navigating government websites is not a requirement for an ATP.)

The document was very thorough. I didn't see anything that I could add to it.

A war story about testing: Once upon a time I had a Student Pilot who flew okay. But had absolutely no judgment. I told him after halfway through that, even tho he flew okay, I would never sign him off because he was an accident waiting to happen.

I presume he found another instructor and finished up. (Never read about him. But then I don't remember his name.)

Unfortunately, Test Standards can't test for good judgment. (Even tho the new standards talk about risk assessment.) To test for good judgment would be a judgment call itself.

For example, after flying 10,000 hours, there might be weather that I might try now (with Outs of course) that I would have thought crazy to try at 1500 hours. So lower time pilots sometimes think that I have poor judgment.

OTOH, there has been weather that I foolishly tried years ago that I would never try now.

Posted by: Mike P | October 31, 2018 6:00 PM    Report this comment

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