Fly With Sully And Skiles

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US Airways Flight 1549 pilots Capt. Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger (retired) and his FO on that day, Jeff Skiles, will be back in the cockpit together Nov. 18 but they have some work to do first. The Miracle on the Hudson pilots will be among the crew members on a fund-raising round-trip flight from Opa Locka Airport near Miami to Charlotte, N.C., in the Historical Flight Foundation's DC-7B. Foundation President Roger Jarman said Sullenberger and Skiles were invited along as celebrity passengers but they said they wanted to work their way to what was to have been their final destination in the Airbus Jan. 15, 2009. "They will be down here a week early getting checked out so they can be part of our live crew going to Charlotte and back," Jarman said in a podcast interview. Those who get the 20 or so remaining seats on the flight (details here) will be in for another treat after landing in Charlotte.

Sullenberger and Skiles will be along for a tour of the Aviation Museum of the Carolinas Flight 1549 exhibit of the aircraft they were flying when both engines were all but disabled by multiple bird strikes in a flock of Canada geese. The aircraft is being preserved in the state in which it ended up after the pilots successfully ditched it in the Hudson River. The exhibit is being designed to give museum patrons a sense of what it was like for the 155 crew and passengers after the flying stopped and the floating began.

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