ForeFlight Introduces New ADS-B Receiver

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ForeFlight has announced that its new portable, dual-band ADS-B In receiver is now available for purchase. The ForeFlight Sentry provides FIS-B weather, flight information, traffic, backup attitude, a rechargeable 12-hour battery and—a first for portable ADS-B receivers according to the company—a carbon monoxide monitor and alarm. The device also has a high-capacity data card that supports a Weather Replay feature, which provides automatic storage for up to 30 minutes of FIS-B weather and data.

The Sentry measures 2.2 x 3.3 x 1.4 inches and weighs 0.26 pounds. “Purpose-built ADS-B integrated circuits, for example, have made it possible to shrink the size, reduce power consumption, extend the battery life, add new capabilities and lower the cost,” said ForeFlight CEO Tyson Weihs. “We’ve streamlined and compressed the communications between ForeFlight Mobile and Sentry, which results in the more efficient use of Sentry’s processors and extended battery life.”

ForeFlight designed and manufactured the Sentry in partnership with uAvionix. It can connect to up to five devices and allows users to share routes between devices on its network. Sentry data can be displayed on an iPad or iPhone via the ForeFlight mobile app. The Sentry sells for $499.

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Comments (6)

You forgot to mention that the device can ONLY update and connect to The ForeFlight app.

It is interesting and sad how ForeFlight develops hardware that is only compatible with their own software while all others (Seattle avionics with their Merlin device) are open to every EFB out there. Personally, I dispise this type of Apple-style business model. Makes me wonder if they are worried about losing out on this market or if they are trying to push out the competition.

Posted by: Phil Maschke | July 13, 2018 8:26 AM    Report this comment

Sad when statements are made like "I dispise this type of Apple-style business model"
This type of business model is how quality control and reliability are maintained.
Although open source models have their place, Open format design is a recipe for errors, bugs, viruses, maintaining compatibility during software updates, and so much more that safety and reliability just don't stack up.

This is the type of 'business model' is exactly what I prefer.

Posted by: Silver Gold | July 14, 2018 5:34 AM    Report this comment

As a beta tester for iFly (which, by design, is a mulit-platform app) and as a beta tester for the Stratux Project, I don't see any good engineering reason for FF to limit their Sentry only to their FF app.

For example, iFly works fine on Android, iOS and Windows (i.e., has good quality control and reliability even with those different - and constantly changing - platforms) and the Stratux, which outputs per the GDL standard, also works fine with Android, iOS and Windows hardware.

While FF Marketing might cite QA reasons for limiting the Sentry to only play with FF (on iOS, and then only the latest versions of both), my guess is that they're just trying to lock customers in to buying their bundle.

As for who has the better business model - time will tell whether it's better to to limit customers to one choice or many. E.g., the FF way, you have to have both an iPad and an iPhone (for backup) in your cockpit. Whereas with iFly, you can use an iPad and a cheap Android smart phone for backup. (I use two cheap Android tablets.)

Posted by: Mike P | July 14, 2018 7:28 AM    Report this comment

One reason might be that ForeFlight had limited testing resources available and chose to only test for Foreflight compatibility and not spend money offering capabilities for other, competing solutions. As Mike said, for the other platforms, there already are available solutions, not sure FF would be able to beat them at their price points.

Posted by: Pascal Forget | July 14, 2018 8:50 AM    Report this comment

There are already enough external ads-b devices out there with open platforms. I use the FF app and would not consider using any other so I personally dont care if the Sentry is compatible with other apps.I like to smaller compact size as well.

Posted by: THOMAS AUTREY | July 16, 2018 2:05 PM    Report this comment

I'd have to agree with Mr. Autrey. I've been an IOS user for years even though there are other cheaper options. As with FF I plan to purchase a Sentry and continue with their platform despite the exclusivity.

Posted by: John Garriques | July 30, 2018 9:00 AM    Report this comment

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