JetBlue Ad "Maligns" Business Aviation

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The National Business Aviation Association and the Alliance for Aviation Across America have both asked JetBlue to stop an ad campaign that appears to be a satirical attempt to cash in on the ongoing public relations problems suffered by business aviation. The campaign invites "bigwigs" to use the airline instead of flying privately. In response, the Alliance has run an ad noting the large areas of the U.S. not served by JetBlue. In a podcast interview with AVweb, Alliance spokeswoman Selena Shilad said JetBlue's ad is an example of the distorted view of general aviation being presented by some and her organization decided it was time to hit back. NBAA President Ed Bolen wrote JetBlue CEO David Berger asking him to pull the ads, noting that businesspeople are among the biggest customers of the airlines when their service makes sense.

However, he said, airline travel often isn't feasible for business travelers whose multiple destinations, special requirements or off-the-grid stops make it nearly impossible. "It's unfortunate to see that your ad campaign overlooks these realities, and promotes a caricature that does not represent the people and
 companies that need business aviation to compete and survive, especially in this challenging economic climate," Bolen wrote.

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