Take Home an LSA, for Under $50K

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photo by Dan Johnson

While the Light Sport Aircraft getting the most attention tend be those like Flight Design CT and Cessna, which are selling well in the $100,000 range, more models are coming online at lower costs. The latest is the Sport Hornet, a tandem fixed-wing airplane with full three-axis control, for sale as a Special-LSA at $49,995, reports LSA expert Dan Johnson. "With a 100 hp, four-cylinder Rotax, that's really quite a good deal," Johnson told AVweb on Wednesday. Other lower-cost models include the EuroFox, available with tricycle gear or as a taildragger for $59,950, and the Sky Arrow, an all-composite tandem pusher that goes for $66,000.

Johnson also noted that there are plenty of LSAs ready to fly at even lower costs, at prices $20,000 and under, if pilots want to try a trike or a powered parachute. The trikes have been very popular, he said. "Lots of fixed-wing pilots, once they give them a try, find out they're really fun to fly," he said.