P-51 Pilot Parachutes From Midair

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The pilot of a P-51 bailed out safely after a midair collision with a Douglas Skyraider at a heritage aircraft display in Duxford, England on Sunday. The Skyraider was able to land safely minus a wingtip. Neither pilot was injured. The accident occurred after a formation pass including the two crash airplanes and at least three other piston single military aircraft. The Mustang ended up in a farmer's field after the pilot hit the silk. A few hours before, a replica Fokker triplane ended up on its nose in a landing accident. The accompanying video shows the pilot being helped out of the vertical aircraft.

The event was Duxford's Flying Legends show, which featured dozens of mostly Second World War and earlier aircraft. There were seven Mustangs and three Skyraiders in the show along with eight Spitfires and a laundry list of rare and historic aircraft. Cause of the accident was not immediately known and the Air Accident Investigation Branch is investigating.