Pilot Hit By New Year's Gunfire

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A Florida pilot has uploaded a YouTube video detailing how he was hit by a bullet while flying with his girlfriend over Jacksonville on New Year's Eve. Graham Hill was apparently grazed by what may have been celebratory gunfire as he flew a rented Cessna 172 over the city to view the midnight fireworks display. "I heard a loud pop," he said. He didn't immediately realize he'd been hit. After checking to make sure his girlfriend was OK, he said he scanned the cockpit for anything that had been shattered and just as he noticed the hole in the pilot side window he felt blood running down his neck.

Hill said he handed the controls to his passenger while he used his jacket to apply pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding. They turned for their departure airport, Craig Field, and landed safely. Further inspection of the aircraft revealed the bullet entered through the window and exited through the headliner just above the pilot's yoke. Hill said he was leaning forward to look down on the city and that put the back of his head in the path of the bullet. According to local television station KSDK police responded to 259 reports of gunfire on New Year's Eve.