RC Pilots Protect Turf

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The powerful radio control aircraft lobby is squaring off against the FAA, Department of Defense and some members of Congress over the future of their hobby, and the government departments may be outgunned politically. At issue is the so-called Rule 336 that essentially exempts those flying model planes for “hobby and recreation” from the long list of flight restrictions and certification requirements that apply to drone operators. It was pressure on Congress from the RC groups that resulted in the exemption in the first place several years ago and they’re mobilizing to protect that initial victory.

“If Rule 336 is modified or removed, our hobby will be dealt a heavy blow—hobby shops will close, club memberships will drop, flying fields will disappear, and young pilots will be discouraged from the great fun of building and flying models,” RC supporters say in a We the People petition filed with the White House. The Academy of Model Aeronautics has led the battle so far and is continuing to lobby in Washington. The House has passed its version of the reauthorization, which maintains Rule 336, but the Senate is still formulating its bill. The current short term authorization for the FAA expires Sept. 30.

Comments (2)

I wish AMA luck in their efforts to keep rule 336. If successful maybe they can teach AOPA a lesson in lobbying Congress to remove most of the silly TSA restrictions that GA is stuck with now.

Posted by: matthew wagner | August 26, 2018 9:57 PM    Report this comment

This is a shame, the drone people have really messed it up for the model airplane people that have functioned fine without government intervention for over 100 years. All you have to do is look at You Tube to see the utter stupidity of the drone operators.

I used to belong to different groups to gain information and help now I belong to them to keep the government from taking my rights/privledges away, AMA, AOPA, EAA, NRA all mainly to keep the government from attacking me what a shame.

Posted by: John Majane | August 29, 2018 8:54 AM    Report this comment

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