RC Helo Flown From Aircraft In Formation

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While the FAA has spent years trying to figure out how to accommodate unmanned aerial systems in the nation's airspace, if you want to perform a video stunt involving a remote-control helicopter and two Cessna 150s at one of the Philippines' commercial airports, all you have to do is ask. An outfit called Heligraphix has released a video showing what it says is the formation flight of one of the Cessnas with a particularly capable RC helicopter while the model was being controlled from the aircraft. They also claim it's the first time its been done.

While that's remarkable in itself, what's also unusual is that the stunt appears to have been performed at the former Clark Air Force Base, on Luzon Island. The U.S. Air force abandoned the field in 1991 and it became Clark International Airport. In the video, the apparent organizer of the stunt announces that they intend to call the tower to "shut down the international airport" while it is being performed. The RC helicopter is shown launching from a runway and keeping pace with one of the Cessnas (with its flaps partly deployed) for a two-minute flight. Clark International Airport is in the video credits and the video includes a disclaimer that all necessary permissions were obtained.