Rebels Show Gaddafi's A340

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One of the biggest spoils of war taken by the rebels in Libya was opened up to the media on the weekend. Muammar Gaddafi's private A340 has been turned into a kind of ridiculous retreat for rebel leaders, although the irony of their latest occupation doesn't appear to be lost on them. Clad in fatigues but perched delicately on overstuffed leather furniture, the rebels gave media a glimpse into Gaddafi's sense of personal style. The aircraft cost $74 million in 2003.

It's not clear what the rebels intend to do with the aircraft but it's apparently in excellent condition, interior notwithstanding, and hasn't been flown in six months since NATO imposed a no-fly zone over Libya. Up until then it was maintained by Afriqiyah Airways. The symbol of the colonel's power and wealth was somehow missed in the NATO bombardments that destroyed a lot of Libya's aircraft.

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