Red Bull Skydiver's Amazing Stunt

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Paul Steiner, a member of Red Bull's Skydive Team, climbed out of the cockpit of a glider, hung from under the wing, and then hitched a ride on the wing of a second glider passing underneath -- and of course, it's all on video. Steiner then straddles the wing and reaches up to touch the tail of the first glider, as it flies upside-down overhead. And finally, he leaps from the glider to sail back to earth beneath his chute. The stunt took place in Austria earlier this month.

The team travels the world to perform skydiving maneuvers and stunts at Red Bull Air Races and other venues. They also use wingsuits and perform B.A.S.E. jumps off of mountains, bridges, and other structures. Besides the air races and the skydive team, Red Bull sponsors several other aviation-related projects, including the Red Bull aerobatic helicopter and Red Bull Stratos, a project that aims to beat the longstanding freefall record with a jump from 120,000 feet.