Redbird Finalizes Rules on $1 Avgas

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To no one’s surprise, Redbird’s Skyport has been inundated with interest in its plan to sell avgas for $1 a gallon during the month of October, as we reported in AVweb two weeks ago. Interest has been so strong, in fact, that the company is setting some limits of both fill-up frequency and volume. Redbird’s Jerry Gregoire told us this week that the company is getting as many as 50 calls a day, with some callers wondering if they can truck in tanks and have them filled at a buck a gallon.

In a word, no. Skyport spokesman Jeff Van West says the point of the cheap avgas is to see if the cost of flying—including the fuel—really is the brake on flight activity that most people assume it is. The company will ask pilots to participate in a brief survey after filling up to illuminate whether cheap gas is really encouraging them to fly more. And there may be a lot of people waiting in line to fill-up, which is why Redbird has set some rules. 

Van West says the $1 gas offer remains open to all piston-powered GA aircraft that can fly into the Skyport at San Marcos, Texas under their own power, but only the aircraft’s regular tanks will be filled. Portable fuel systems in trucks or other vehicles don’t qualify for the discount.

The fueling limit with be 200 gallons a day, but owners can purchase additional fuel at the regular price. Anyone who has an aircraft with a capacity of over 200 gallons is perfectly welcome to stay in San Marcos overnight and take another 200 gallons the next day, Van West told us. Normal operating hours during October will be 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Van West says Redbird reserves the right to refuse fueling to anyone it believes is violating the spirit of the cost experiment. For more information and updates on the program, check out this link.