Redbird Launches Helo Simulator

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People who think flying airplanes is expensive havenít tried flying helicopters, which is one reason not many people try rotor-wing flying. Building on its experience with fixed-wing motion-based simulators, Redbird is aiming to push reset on helo training with a new motion simulator called the VTO. The company was showing the machine at Sun Ďn Fun this week and in this video, you can get a sense of how it looks and flies.

Redbirdís Roger Sharp told AVweb that the idea behind VTO is to produce a simulator capable of teaching a student to hover before they even lay a hand on a cyclic or a collective in a real helicopter. With some 16 computer displays arranged in generally the same bubble shape as a helicopter cockpit, the VTO gives a pilot sufficient visual and motion cues to take off and land, hover and even autorotate, something most helo sims canít do well, if at all.

Redbird is taking orders for the VTO and although itís not yet certified as an A-ATD, Redbird says it will refund any customers requiring A-ATD status if certification isnít forthcoming. Sharp say even if the VTO isnít approved for logging time officially, it will reduce the number of flight hours a student needs to achieve the rating.