Flight Design Introduces CTLS

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The best selling LSA by far is the Flight Design CT, with more than 240 registered in the U.S., and like most aircraft it's evolving as the manufacturer gets feedback from owners. The new CTLS promises more predictable flight characteristics thanks to some airframe refinements. The empennage has been lengthened 14 inches, giving better stability, and new winglets have measurably improved aileron authority at low airspeeds, says U.S. distributor Tom Pegigny. New landing gear is more shock-absorbing to make landings less likely to repeat themselves and new creature comforts include a rear-deck storage area behind the seats and seats with inflatable lumbar supports.

The aircraft is also sporting a new carbon fiber propeller and has had aerodynamic tweaks to clean it up and make it fly better at high and low speeds. The cabin remains one of the widest in the class with a full 49 inches (10 more than a Cessna 172). It's powered by a Rotax 912 UL rated at 100 hp.

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