Triple R Affordable Aircraft

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Triple R Affordable Aircraft, a company dedicated to providing a formal, accountable method of refurbishing aircraft to nearly new condition and marketing them at attractive prices, announced its formation at AirVenture. Triple R's president is AVweb publisher Tom Bliss, but he explained to a press conference at AirVenture this week that Triple R is not an AVweb company, project or joint venture. Bliss explained that there were only 754 new piston-engine airplanes delivered in the U.S. last year. At current prices, his data indicate that only 0.05 percent of Americans can afford a new aircraft and less than 1 percent of American pilots will buy a new airplane this year.

Triple R Affordable Aircraft's solution is to rebuild, restore and re-equip current general aviation aircraft—nose to tail and wingtip to wingtip—following a common set of standards that can be relied upon by buyers and sellers. The refurbished aircraft will be in like-new condition, with like-new performance and sell for less than half the price of a new airplane.


Vice president and general manager Christian Pulm said Triple R Affordable Aircraft will partner with Part 145 maintenance facilities that will refurbish airplanes under a standardized protocol that will include what components will be replaced or overhauled, inspect and certify the shops and provide a centralized marketing program for the airplanes. Shops may buy, refurbish and sell refurbished airplanes that meet the Triple R standard or an owner may have his or her aircraft refurbished to Triple R standards at one of the approved shops. In addition, Triple R will assist with insurance and financing for aircraft that meet Triple R standards. The goal is to provide a supply of quality affordable aircraft to individuals, flying clubs and flight schools and a stream of revenue for industry, including OEMs that will be supplying new parts for the refurbishment shops.

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