Two Unique Video Journeys From Aloft

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Airborne video from a revolving GoPro and scenes from a NASA Antarctic mission posted over the last week contribute some unique footage to the miles of airplane videos on the Internet. Blogger Ney Grant mounted his GoPro to the wing of a Cessna 210 and assembled three minutes of his best clips from touring around the western U.S. He designed and built a swiveling mount that uses a stepper motor for precise control of the camera. "For example, some of the shots were done using time-lapse photography, where it took 20 minutes to pan the camera 180 degrees," he told AVweb this week. On Friday, NASA published "truly stunning" views from the cockpit of a P-3B aircraft that flew above Greenland and the Arctic Ocean earlier this year.

NASA's flights were part of a six-year mission, called Operation IceBridge, that aims to create the largest-ever airborne survey of our planet's polar ice. The project will yield "an unprecedented three-dimensional view of Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets, ice shelves, and sea ice," NASA said. A satellite that collected ice data stopped working in 2009, NASA said, and a new one won't be deployed until late 2015. IceBridge will fly twice a year to maintain a continuous series of observations in both the Arctic and Antarctic.

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