Vulcanair's New Lower Cost Four-Place Cruiser

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The Italian aircraft manufacturer Vulcanair is best known for its distinctive twin, the P68. But at Aero 2014 in Friedrichshafen, the company announced that itís getting into the single-engine business with a new model called the V1.0. Think of the airplane as in the Cessna 172 mold, but with one striking difference: the projected price will be $250,000, well below the Cessnaís nearly $400,000 asking price.

At Aero, Vulcanairís Remo De Feo told AVweb that the V1.0 will be fully IFR certified with a Garmin G500 system, with Mid-Continentís SAM as a backup suite. Power is a Lycoming IO-360-M1A which was picked, according to De Feo, because itís approved for alternative fuels, albeit not typical mogas. Although itís a highwing aircraft that vaguely resembles the 172 platform, the V1.0 has three doors, with one providing access to the rear seats. And rather than aluminum monocoque construction, the airplane has a welded tube cage, similar to the Mooney M20 series.

The V1.0 is already certified by EASA in Europe and De Feo said the company will pursue bilateral certification with the FAA later in 2014 or in 2015. Initial specs give the airplaneís useful load as 919 pounds against a max gross weight of 2546 pounds. Fuel capacity is 50 gallons and De Feo said typical cruise speed will be about 130 knots. For more on the V1.0, see AVwebís Aero video coverage.