You Squawked, We Listened

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AVweb readers have good-naturedly borne with us the past few weeks as we've tweaked and modified to make AVwebFlash mobile optimized. Many of you are accessing most, if not all, of your daily information on your mobile devices, and we felt AVweb needed to keep up with the times.

This process resulted in a fragmented, click-hungry Flash in place of the seamless one-click Flash many of you had grown fond of. We heard loudly and clearly your distaste for this so-called "improvement." 

 With today's Flash, you will notice on the mobile version access to the full Flash with the click of a single "Read More." You can then scroll up or down to get the entire newsfeed without having to click additional "Read Mores." Likewise, when Flash arrives in your inbox on your desktop, laptop or tablet, the click of a "Read More" will take you to the full, click-free version of the Flash. 

 We hope readers will agree this is a step in the right direction. We're always working toward a better reader experience, and constructive input is always welcome.