Australian RAAF Sabre Flies Again

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It took better than three years of restoration, but the Temora Aviation Museum, in NSW, Australia, completed the project and its rare Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) CA-27 Sabre has taken flight for the first time after 16 years on the ground. A pilot and airshow crowd favorite, this Sabre is A94-983. It took to the air at the hands of Darren Crabb, currently a corporate jet pilot type-rated on 14 aircraft. Crabb is an ex-RAAF Qualified Flight Instructor who has experience in F/A-18 Hornets and Macchi jets. "It was fantastic!" said Crabb, who said the aircraft performed flawlessly on its post-maintenance check flight. Australians will have their first chance to see the Sabre flown at the Temora Aviation Museum Flying Weekend this fall. But for those unable to overcome the obstacles of vast oceans of distance between here and there, the Temora Aviation Museum is giving away rides ... though only virtually, on YouTube (sorry). Click through for the link, after the jump.

The Temora Aviation Museum Engineering team is responsible for making the aircraft airworthy and the museum plans to make the jet a featured performer at its regular "Flying Weekends." As advertised, above, those with less patience are welcome to fly back-seat (virtually) via higher-resolution YouTube clips. Find them, here.