Daily Mail's Bizarre UFO Over Russia Story

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Video allegedly shot of a Russian radar terminal near that country's eastern city of Yakutsk shows an object traveling at nearly 65,000 feet and more than 6,000 mph, according to UK's Daily Mail, but the part about the cat-alien may be more interesting. The footage of the radar terminal could be explained by simulations generated for the purposes of training, but the cat references require a different theory. According to the paper, controllers (none named) say they "were buzzed" by a "high-speed UFO" and heard "a female-sounding alien who spoke in an unintelligible cat-like language." The paper says one controller told a passing Aeroflot pilot he heard a female voice saying something similar to "mioaw-mioaw."

The video was posted to YouTube late last month, and shows the target changing direction by roughly 90 degrees numerous times and passing other targets that appear stationary in comparison. Yakutsk, where the incident allegedly took place, is normally cold for about eight months out of the year with areas nearby recording temperatures challenged only by Antarctica. This week, temperatures there dropped below negative 32 degrees centigrade during the night, according to the Daily Mail. In the recently posted video, there is no snow visible on the ground surrounding the tower. Many radar terminals can generate simulated returns for the purposes of training ... or to show children visiting a tower on Christmas "proof" of the arrival of Santa Claus.

(Note: we weren't able to distinguish any cat-like noises.)