AEA: New Stuff From Trans-Cal, PS Engineering and Airtext »

AVweb’s final sweep of the Aircraft Electronics Association in Last Vegas turned up a new altitude digitizer from Trans-Cal, a specialized audio control from PS Engineering and a new Iridium satellite-based texting system from Airtext. More

Siemens Electric Airplane Makes U.S. Debut »

Siemens brought its prototype electric aircraft to the U.S. this week for the first time, showcasing the airplane at the company’s Innovation Day in Chicago. “Electric propulsion is one of the transformative technologies that will help the industry meet the goals of reduced fuel, emissions and noise,” said Teri Hamlin, vice president of electric propulsion for Siemens. Further testing of the technology will take place in Waco, Texas, at the Texas State Technical College Airfield. More

Regional Airline Cites Pilot Shortage In Shutdown »

Great Lakes Airlines, a regional carrier based in Denver, has canceled all of its scheduled flights as of Tuesday, citing a lack of pilots, the Denver Post has reported. The airline posted a notice on its website noting the company has not entered bankruptcy and will continue to operate scheduled service as Great Lakes Express between Denver and two cities in South Dakota. Great Lakes had flown to Los Angeles, Phoenix and several other regional destinations. More

XCub Now Available On Floats »

CubCrafters is now offering factory-installed floats for its Part 23-certified XCub two-seater, the company announced this week. Wipline 2100 floats, manufactured by Wipaire, are available in both amphibious and seaplane versions. Float operations were “a design objective from the outset,” said Randy Lervold, president of CubCrafters. The floats are available for new XCubs, or as a retrofit on aircraft that have already been delivered, the company said. More

AEA: uAvionix Shows A Taillight ADS-B Unit »

A small avionics company called uAvionix ignited a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that moment last summer when it revealed an ADS-B Out unit packaged in a navigation light dubbed SkyBeacon. At AEA 2018 in Las Vegas this week, it followed up with a new product housed in a taillight that will fit many aircraft. More

London-Darwin Air Race Planned For 2019 »

In 1919, just after World War I, the Australian government offered a 10,000-pound prize for the first flight to Australia from Great Britain in less than 30 days. The race was won by a crew of two Australian pilots flying an open-cockpit Vickers Vimy aircraft. They made it to Darwin after 23 stops in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Now a new challenge is being offered for 2019 — to re-trace the original route in an electric-powered aircraft. More

Noise Solution Proposed — Fly Slower »

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have proposed a possible fix to relieve the increasing noise complaints from neighbors of Boston’s busy Logan Airport — if airplanes on departure just slowed down by about 30 knots, it would significantly reduce the noise at the surface. Logan is one of many airports nationwide where the concentration of flight paths, due to changes in navigation and ATC, have increased the number of noise complaints from neighborhoods impacted by the routes. More

Lockheed Martin Unveils Drone Design »

Lockheed Martin has released concept images of a refueling drone it’s working on for a U.S. Navy competition. The MQ-25 “Stingray” design is under development at the company’s Skunk Works, and will compete with entries from Boeing and General Atomics. The Navy wants the drone to be capable of carrying 14,000 pounds of fuel to refuel combat jets, with a range of 500 NM, and it must be able to operate from an aircraft carrier. The contract is due to be awarded in September. More

AEA: Garmin Introduces GFC 600H Helicopter Autopilot »

Given the flight dynamics, it’s little wonder that helicopter autopilots have been ground upon which engineers fear to tread. But at the Aircraft Electronics Association convention, two companies unveiled rotorcraft autoflight systems, including a start-up called HeliTrak and Garmin International. More