Anti-Privatization Campaign Launches »

NBAA-BACE opens Tuesday with delegates in a fighting mood as they collectively tackle what President Ed Bolen says is the biggest challenge to ever face business aviation. He’s of course talking about a bill, now treading water in Congress, that would turn the air traffic control system over to an unelected board of directors with membership weighted toward airline representatives. More

G500, G600 Update (Corrected) »

Gulfstream’s latest aircraft, the G500 and G600, are performing well in certification flight testing. At a news conference at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas on Monday President Mark Burns said the simultaneous development of two new airframes is an example of the company’s maturity after 50 years of business jet manufacturing in Savannah. More

Horizon Pilots Challenge Shortage Narrative »

Horizon Pilots sent a letter over the weekend to the board of directors of the Alaska Air Group, and members of the media, challenging the company’s version of how the pilot shortage came to pass. Horizon has been among the regional carriers most visibly affected by a shortage of pilots, cancelling 700 flights per month after giving up some routes to be flown by SkyWest. More

Tamarack Aims For Big Airplane Active Winglets »

While it's an established fact that higher wingspan aids in aerodynamic efficiency, the other side of that coin is weight and structural complexity to support worst-case flight loads. A company called Tamarack Aerospace Group solves that problem with active winglets for business jets and at NBAA-BACE this week in Las Vegas, they announced they're going after the commercial transport market with yet larger winglets. Tamarack's mods work by extending the wingspan slightly, which reduces drag, and active trailing edge devices on the system dump lift when gust loads approach strucutural limits. More

New Dassault Business Jet In The Works »

Dassault is working on a clean-sheet business aircraft design but part of the news is that the development process will be virtually paperless. More

Pilatus PC-24 to Deliver by Year's End »

Pilatus is finishing up certification work on its PC-24, which it calls the "Super Versatile" jet and claims it will deliver the first customer aircraft before the end of the year. At an NBAA-BACE press conference in Las Vegas on Monday, Pilatus CEO Markus Bucher said EASA is completing its final reviews on the aircraft and that the three test articles--once of which is on display in the hall here in Las Vegas--have accumulated more than 2000 flight hours. More

Progress For Citation Longitude »

Cessna is bringing the first production conforming prototype of its “super mid-sized” Citation Longitude business jet to NBAA this week to prep the market for final certification by the FAA expected late this year or early 2018. Honeywell announced last week that its HTF7000L turbofan has been certified by the FAA for use on the Longitude, a major step in the certification process. Garmin is also showing off its contributions to the 12-passenger twin-jet at NBAA, announcing the Garmin Head-up Display (GHD 2100). More

Wheels Up: Hot For King Airs »

Having proven the idea of subscription-based on-demand charter, Wheels Up continues to expand the Textron King Air fleet on which the service is based, according to CEO Kenny Dichter. At NBAA-BACE on Monday, Dichter said the company has 78 King Air 350i aircraft, most of which have been purchased new. The fleet also has Citation XLS bizjets for customers who prefer them. Business is so good that Wheels Up recently secured $117 million in venture capital funding and plans to purchase more 350s in 2018. More

AA 777 Damaged In Hong Kong Fire »

An American Airlines Boeing 777 was damaged Monday evening at Hong Kong Airport when either luggage or cargo being loaded on the aircraft caught fire. More

NBAA: Bombardier Shows Global 7000 »

With eight aircraft already in final assembly, Bombardier showed off a cabin mock-up and test article for its new long-range business jet, the Global 7000, at the NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas on Monday. The test article is the fourth aircraft in the test fleet and is dubbed "The Architect" for its intended purpose of proving interior systems. The 7000 is unique for having four individual living spaces, including a kitchen and full-sized crew suite. "There's basically no aircraft like this on the market today," said Michel Quellette, Bombardier's senior VP for the Global 7000 and 8000 program. More