Air Force Shuts Down Talk Of Enlisted Aviators »

The aviation world was atwitter last week with the news that the U.S. Air Force had selected five recent enlistees to participate in a study on alternative pilot training techniques. The Air Force, however, confirms that they have no plans to put enlisted personnel in the pilot’s seat. More

Boeing Eyes 767 Production Boost »

Rather than plunge into the development of two new clean-sheet designs, it now seems like Boeing is going to spend a few years concentrating on the tried and true. More

Air Force To Try Enlisted Pilots »

After looking to the airlines, the recently retired and just about anywhere else it could to fill a growing shortage of pilots, the Air Force is now looking to its own ranks, its enlisted ranks, to fill the void. More

Crash Pilot Not Properly Licensed »

The pilot who died along with his four passengers in the crash of a Beech Baron on the Caribbean island of St. Croix last week apparently didn’t have the multi-engine rating or night experience that would have been minimum requirements for the flight. More

Pilatus PC-24 Certified »

After 11 years of development, Pilatus has received type certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the FAA for its PC-24 “Super Versatile” jet. Three prototype aircraft flew a combined 2,205 hours around the globe prior to certification. The PC-24’s claim to fame is its ability to operate from shorter and more primitive strips than are typically demanded by business jets. More

Police Helicopter Pilot Arrests Laser Suspect »

Police helicopter pilots regularly assist with the apprehension of suspects accused of pointing laser pointers at aircraft, but they rarely land to make the arrest themselves. Florida’s Bay News Channel 9 reports that Pasco County Sheriff’s Office helicopter pilot Stephen Bowman tracked the laser wielding suspect to his home, landed in a nearby vacant lot, then marched over the man’s house to confront him. More

Erik Lindbergh Launches VTOL Project »

Erik Lindbergh has formed a new aerospace company, VerdeGo Aero, he announced on Wednesday. Lindbergh, who is well-known in GA as an advocate for new technology and as the grandson of Charles Lindbergh, will serve as president of the company, which will be based at Embry-Riddle’s MicaPlex incubator in Daytona, Florida. “At VerdeGo Aero, we are building the first safe and efficient short-range vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for the millions of people stuck in traffic in cities around the world,” Lindbergh said. More

Airbus Crew Lines Up On Wrong Runway »

The crew of a Volaris A320 from Mexico was cleared to land on Runway 13 Left at John F. Kennedy International Airport, about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, but instead lined up on 13 Right — a runway already occupied by a Delta Embraer 170. ATC cancelled the Delta crew’s takeoff clearance, and they taxied off the runway. The Volaris crew was told to go around, and they came back to land safely on Runway 22 Left. More

Regionals Press FAA For Training Options »

The Regional Airline Association, which represents 22 North American regional airlines, asked the FAA this week to approve additional “structured training pathways” for Part 121 first officers. The RAA says its data show that applicants for pilot jobs tend to do better if they are from “structured training backgrounds” with less than four years since graduation, even if they have less than 1,500 total hours. Applicants without those attributes, but who meet the 1,500-hour minimum, require more extra training and are more likely to fail, the RAA says. More

Aurora Makes Any Helicopter Autonomous »

A system developed by Aurora Flight Sciences can be installed on any rotary-wing aircraft and enable it to fly autonomously, the company said in a news release on Wednesday. The Office of Naval Research will conduct a final demonstration of the system next week, Dec. 13, at the Marine Corps’ urban training center in Quantico, Virginia. More