Crash Pilot Had Certificate Revoked (Corrected) »

A man whose pilot certificate was revoked 21 years ago for lying on his medical application was the presumed pilot of a Cessna 335 high performance twin that crashed near Palm Beach County Park Airport a week ago, killing him and his wife. More

Pilot Beard Ban Debunked »

Canadian researchers say they have debunked the long-held belief that facial hair interferes with the seal on pilot oxygen masks and at least one airline has lifted its decades-old beard ban. More

Braille Tests Lighter, Longer-Lasting Drone Batteries »

Braille Battery announced the successful completion of a series of test trials on the company’s new customized lithium batteries for commercial drones (UAVs) last week. Braille says the trials demonstrated that its batteries provided “longer discharge cycles – with significantly less weight – than the incumbent battery,” although estimates of how much longer and lighter have not yet been released. More

EAA Talks Homebuilt Reform With FAA »

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) says that its Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification (MOSAIC) rulemaking initiative has made substantial progress after a meeting with FAA officials in Washington, D.C., earlier this week. More

NASA And Roscosmos Discuss Space Station Leak »

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and Roscosmos General Director Dmitry Rogozin met on Wednesday to discuss the status of International Space Station (ISS) operations after speculation that a leak detected onboard the station two weeks ago was possibly the result of sabotage. More

Air Force Releases Results Of Safety Review »

The United States Air Force has released the results of a branch-wide operational safety review, which identified a series of safety risks for Air Force flight crews. The report pinpointed stress posed by high operations tempos, a lack of time to properly focus on flying basics and decreased aircraft availability as potential safety concerns in current Air Force operations. More

FAA Addresses Drone Use During Hurricane »

With Hurricane Florence heading for the Carolina coast, the FAA is warning unauthorized drone operators to stay out of the skies around areas impacted by the storm even if no Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place. More

Vertical Aerospace Flies eVTOL »

Vertical Aerospace, based in the United Kingdom, has built a full-scale eVTOL technology demonstrator and recently announced the aircraft began flight testing in June. It’s the first of its type to complete a flight test in the U.K. More

Girls In Aviation Day, October 13 »

Girls in Aviation Day, now in its fourth year as a global event, is set for Saturday, Oct. 13, but events connected with the project have already begun, and will continue through the fall. Women in Aviation International organizes the program, and lists more than 50 events in the U.S., with more in Australia, France, India, Zambia and many other countries. More

ForeFlight Adds Pre-Departure Clearances And ATIS »

ForeFlight has announced that it is now providing mobile Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC) and Digital Automated Terminal Information Service (D-ATIS) at approximately 75 airports across the United States. To get PDC and D-ATIS via ForeFlight, owners need to register each of their aircraft specifically for the service through the ForeFlight app. More