Bob Hoover Academy Adds Full-Motion Simulator »

The Bob Hoover Academy, an aviation-themed nonprofit youth outreach program based in Austin, Texas, has partnered with Redbird Flight Simulations to add a full-motion flight simulator to the curriculum. “As with any program, time in our aircraft and with our instructor is limited,” said BHA chairman and founder Sean Tucker. “Simulation helps our students make the most of that time.” More

Body Closes Honolulu Runway »

Not long after a false missile strike alarm rocked Hawaii on Saturday, pilots and controllers at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport at Honolulu had to deal with the closure of one of the main runways because there was a dead body on it. More

Hypersonic Hypotheses Getting Real »

The largely hypothetical hypersonic aircraft race appears to have become a lot more real at an academic forum in Florida last week. Boeing showed off a model of what it thinks a Mach 5 aircraft might look like and a Lockheed Martin official may have let it slip that his company has already built one. More

Third Landing Mixup At SFO »

An Aeromexico Boeing 737 lined up for the wrong runway at San Francisco International Airport last week in the third landing miscue at SFO in six months. More

Radio On Wrong Frequency In Air Canada Incident »

The pilot who landed an Air Canada A320 at San Francisco Airport in October after being ordered to go around told FAA investigators the radio was set to the wrong frequency. More

Airliner Veers Off Cliffside Runway »

Turkish authorities say they still aren’t sure why a Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737 suddenly veered left at the end of its landing run and ended up hanging off the edge of a steep bank over the Black Sea late Saturday. More

Pilots Fired For Leaving Cockpit In Fight »

Indian airline Jet Airways announced that it has fired two of its flight crew members after a much-publicized incident that occurred between the two pilots on a flight from London to Mumbai on New Year’s Day. More

Virgin No More »

Virgin America officially ceased to exist on Thursday. The quirky carrier was set up on a market branding agreement with Britain’s Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of Virgin Atlantic and minority investor in Virgin America. More

Record Year For Boeing »

Boeing reported that it delivered more commercial airplanes than any other manufacturer for the sixth consecutive year and set an industry record with 763 deliveries in 2017. More

Make Or Break Search For MH370 »

The Government of Malaysia has announced that it has signed a unique agreement with a U.S. oceanic research company to resume the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which mysteriously disappeared in March of 2014. More