UPDATED: One Killed When 737 Engine Fails »

UPDATED: A female passenger was killed when an engine failed in flight aboard a Southwest Airlines 737 en route from New York's LaGuardia Airport to Dallas Love Field on Tuesday morning. The crew diverted to Philadelphia and made a safe emergency landing about 11 a.m. One window was blown out in the cabin, apparently by shrapnel from the engine. The death is the first one to occur aboard a U.S. passenger airline since 2009. More

GA Pilots Need Better Weather Info, Study Finds »

General aviation pilots are not excelling when it comes to understanding weather information that’s critical to flight safety, according to a recent study conducted at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Pilot training is part of the problem, but according to researcher Elizabeth Blickensderfer, weather displays and reports that are difficult to interpret also contribute to the poor performance. More

60 Minutes Addresses Air Safety, FAA Responds »

Allegiant Air, a regional carrier based in Las Vegas, has the worst safety record of any U.S. airline, yet the FAA has failed to take any enforcement action against them, according to a 60 Minutes report that aired Sunday. Reporter Steve Kroft said Allegiant is one of the country’s most profitable airlines, but it may “also be the most dangerous.” More

BendixKing Intros Flight Deck For Experimentals »

The first major product aimed at kit-built experimental aircraft, BendixKing's XVue Touch integrated avionics system has a high-resolution display, synthetic vision and third-party GPS navigator compatibility. More

Sun ‘n Fun’s Boeing 727 Used For More than Just Tours »

The fully functioning Boeing 727 parked on Sun ‘n Fun’s Lakeland campus serves not only as a classroom, conference center and museum exhibit, but also as a safe environment to help individuals with disabilities familiarize themselves with the airline environment before travelling. More

iFly GPS Adds Synthetic Vision And 3-D Traffic »

iFly GPS has added synthetic vision and a three-dimensional traffic alerter to its aviation app for Apple, Android and Windows. The tablet-based system is designed so "everything is just a couple of touches away," according to sales manager Brian Rutherford. More

Volocopter Starts Serial Production »

DG Flugzeugbau, a sailplane manufacturer in Germany, said recently it got an order to “manufacture a large number of Volocopters from Volocopter GmbH,” but nobody is saying exactly how many a “large number” is. A Volocopter spokesperson told AVweb, “Unfortunately, I am not able to provide you with more details than this,” and Flugzeubau did not respond to AVweb’s inquiry. More

Cessna Will Offer Epic Optix’s Low-Cost HUD »

Head-up displays, once and still the stuff of airline and military cockpits, will soon be an option in Cessna’s single-engine aircraft line. Cessna will offer the new Epic Optix Eagle HUD, a low-cost combiner display that’s capable of projecting not just basic flight data, but all kinds of imagery that any tablet can output. More

Update: Dynon's Full Panel Installs For 172s On Track »

Following a March STC announcement, Dynon President Robert Hamilton told AVweb Friday that interest is building in the full-panel Skyview HDX upgrade for Cessna 172F through 172S models. “It’s an overnight sensation that only took eight years,” said Hamilton during an interview at Sun ‘n Fun. You can listen to a podcast of our conversation here. More

King Schools Moves To Online-Only Courses »

John and Martha King of King Schools announced at Sun ‘N Fun that all of their pilot courses will now be delivered entirely online. Until now, the courses have also been available on discs. In addition to internet access, the online pilot courses will be accessible through the KING Companion App. More