Report: FAA Needs Better Drone-Safety Plans »

The FAA needs to do more to improve its management of the safety risks of drones in the national airspace, according to a recent report by the federal Government Accountability Office. The report said the FAA needs to collect better data on drone safety, and also needs to focus on risk management. More

Red Bull Pilot Celebrates Hot-Air Balloon Day »

It might have escaped your notice that June 5 is officially National Hot-Air Balloon Day in the U.S., but Red Bull made the most of it, enlisting air-race pilot Kirby Chambliss to fly in and out of a row of four balloons as if they were race pylons. The flight took place at dawn, close to Chambliss’s home airfield in Phoenix, Arizona. More

GippsAero GA10 Destroyed In Test Flight »

A GippsAero GA10 turbo Airvan was destroyed after a test flight on Monday when it crashed in the Mojave Desert. Both pilots on board bailed out at 5,000 feet AGL and landed safely under parachutes, according to news reports. More

Drone Demonstrates Morphing Flight »

Researchers in France have developed a drone that can reorient its arms in flight to alter its profile, enabling it to reduce its wingspan and navigate in tight spaces. The “quad-morphing” design comprises two rotating arms, each equipped with two propellers, for helicopter-like flight. More

Diamond Delivers First DA62 MPP »

Diamond’s special-mission version of its DA62 light twin, the MPP (multi-purpose platform), which was introduced last year at the Paris Air Show, has been delivered to its first customer, the company said this week. DEA Specialised Airborne Operations, based in the UK, will use the aircraft to provide airborne-sensing services, such as surveillance and surveys. More

Updated Airman Standards June 11 »

The FAA has updated airman certification standards to reflect recent changes in its operation and new rules that have been adopted and they go into effect on June 11. More

Paraplegic Show Pilot Dies After Crash »

Dan Buchanan, a paraplegic hang glider pilot who performed at airshows all over the world for almost 30 years, died in a crash at an Idaho show on Saturday. Buchanan was doing his routine, which usually included aerobatics and pyrotechnics, at the Gunfighter Skies air show at Mountain Home Air Force Base. More

Seat STC Expands BasicMed Fleet »

The FAA has issued a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that will allow pilots to fly two larger Piper aircraft under BasicMed medical certificates. Under BasicMed, pilots are restricted to aircraft certified to carry six or fewer people. Senecas and most Cherokee Six aircraft and their derivatives are certified as seven-seat aircraft although few actually have seven seats. More

Video Captures Damage-Free Road Landing »

A young pilot who some sources say is a student ducked power lines, dodged cars, buildings and pedestrians and put her Cessna 172 down without a scratch on a busy Huntington Beach, California, street on Friday. Dash cam and surveillance video showed the unidentified woman maneuvering the aircraft in gusty conditions to avoid obstacles (the high wing may have helped) before setting it down firmly and bringing it to a stop just before a set of traffic lights on a major road. More

ATC Applicants Get New Day In Court In FAA Discrimination Suit »

A district court has restored the demand for the full reinstatement of ATC applicants who claimed they were denied employment because of discriminatory hiring practices by the FAA. The group of would-be applicants filed a class-action suit in 2015 after their job applications were thrown out by the FAA, according to the group’s lawyers. More