Airbus Demonstrates Drone Parcel Delivery »

Airbus Helicopters has flown its commercial parcel delivery prototype and expects it to be picking up and dropping off small parcels for students and staff at the National University of Singapore later this year. More

Single-Pilot Transport Back In Play »

Buoyed by burgeoning public acceptance of autonomous cars and air taxis, various companies have dusted off the idea of creating single-pilot transport aircraft, although all seem to agree that passenger service is likely decades away. More

Philippines Cancels Controversial Helicopter Order »

The Philippines has canceled a $300 million order for 16 Bell 412 EPI helicopters after the Canadian government expressed concern they might be used in President Rodrigo Duterte’s highly controversial campaign to kill insurgents. More

First PC-24 Goes To PlaneSense »

The first Pilatus PC-24 business jet has been delivered to New Hampshire-based PlaneSense. The fractional company has ordered 10 of what Pilatus has termed its “super versatile jet” for its ability to use unimproved runways. More

NASA Aims For 2020 Dream Chaser Launch »

NASA has approved a mission using Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser spacecraft, in late 2020, the company announced on Wednesday. The mission will carry 6 tons of supplies to the International Space Station. “The Dream Chaser is going to be a tremendous help to the critical science and research happening on the space station,” Mark Sirangelo, an executive with Sierra Nevada Corp., said in a news release. More

Ehang Announces VTOL Passenger Flights »

Ehang said this week they have flown “40 or so” passengers in their autonomous VTOL, the Ehang 184, and a video of the flights is now posted online. "Performing manned test flights enables us to demonstrate the safety and stability of our vehicles," said Ehang founder and CEO, Huazhi Hu. "What we're doing isn't an extreme sport, so the safety of each passenger always comes first. Now that we've successfully tested the Ehang 184, I'm really excited to see what the future holds for us in terms of air mobility." More

Piper Lands Its Biggest Trainer Order Ever »

Piper Aircraft accepted an order for 152 airplanes this week from a flight school in China, the largest single trainer order ever for the company. “This is a wonderful opportunity for both organizations as we work collectively to help address the global pilot shortage,” said Piper CEO Simon Caldecott. The seven-year, $74 million order came from Fanmei Aviation Technologies, a subsidiary of Sichuan Fanmei Education Group, a leading provider of aviation education in China. More

A Spectacular Launch For SpaceX's Falcon Heavy »

SpaceX launched their Falcon Heavy test flight from Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday, and wowed the crowds with a picture-perfect flight of the world’s biggest rocket. From the blue Florida skies and billowing white smoke on takeoff, to the incredible double upright in-sync landings of the two booster rockets, the team couldn’t have asked for a better show. Topping it off, the Falcon 9 carried a bright-red Tesla Roadster into space, complete with a spaceman mockup wearing a SpaceX high-fashion version of a spacesuit. More

MH370 Search Continues After ‘Blackout’ »

The latest effort to find the crash site of Malaysian Airlines MH370 continues, after a three-day “blackout” from the survey ship conducting the search set the Internet on fire with theories about what might be going on. Ocean Infinity Ltd. is conducting the search on a contingency basis, with a payday of up to $70 million from the Malaysian government if they find the wreck, but nothing will be paid if they come up empty. The Ocean Infinity website offers no response to the uproar, but does note, in a report dated Feb. 6: “Please be assured that work is continuing and is aimed at finding MH370.” More

United Offers New Pilot Career Track »

United Airlines has created a new program with Metropolitan State University of Denver to identify talented student pilots and place them on a path to flying for United, the airline announced on Tuesday. Regional carriers have offered similar programs in recent years, but this will be the first time a major U.S. airline has established a partnership with a university aviation department, according to United. The partnership doesn’t guarantee students a future job, but if they meet a checklist of requirements over several years, they will be in line for an opportunity. More