Cessna Ends Diesel Skyhawk Production »

Cessna’s diesel-powered Turbo Skyhawk JT-A is no longer in production for sale directly to customers, Textron has confirmed to AVweb. The airplane, which was certified last June by both the FAA and EASA, has been deleted from the company’s website. However, the Continental CD-155 engine will still be offered to customers directly through Continental as a Supplemental Type Certificate installation for the Cessna 172, a Textron Aviation spokesperson told AVweb in an email. "Installation can be facilitated and accomplished by Continental after aircraft acceptance and delivery from Textron Aviation," the spokesperson said. Cessna's sales of the JT-A were actually under Continental's STC approval. More

Proposed Bill Targets Technician Shortage »

Legislation recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives seeks to create a program to bring more people into the aviation maintenance workforce. If it passes a House vote, the Aviation Workforce Development Pilot Program Bill, H.R. 5701, would provide grants of up to $500,000 for activities that support aviation maintenance workforce development. More

Uber Seeks Third UberAIR Launch City »

Uber is looking for an international launch city for its UberAIR aerial ridesharing program, the company announced at its second annual Uber Elevate Summit on Wednesday. Uber has issued an open call for interested governments to submit a formal Expression of Interest by July 1, 2018. More

Uber Elevate Pursues Air-Taxi Vision »

Uber will be ready to start commercial service with urban air taxis by 2023, Mark Moore, Uber Elevate’s engineering director, said at the Elevate Summit on Tuesday. The electric-powered VTOLs are still in development, but Uber released its latest concept showing a four-passenger aircraft with four rotors. Pipistrel, Embraer and others also revealed new designs. More

Flight Sharing Expands In Europe »

Flight sharing via app has been stymied so far for private pilots in the U.S., but the idea has taken root in Europe in the last few years, and is continuing to grow. Rules developed by EASA (the European Aviation Safety Agency) now allow pilots to share costs with up to five passengers. Tony Rapson, head of general aviation for Great Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority, wrote in a blog post last week that pilots need to be aware of the risks. More

High Schoolers Train For Aviation Jobs »

A new program that launched this week in Wichita, Kansas, will provide technical training for high-school students to prepare them to step directly into jobs in the aviation industry. Aviation Pathway is a joint effort involving Textron Aviation, Wichita Public Schools and WSU Tech, a technical college based in Wichita. More

China Invests In Scramjet Engines »

China’s government is moving forward with plans to build a commercial-scale plant to produce hypersonic engines for both military and civilian aircraft, according to a recent report in the South China Morning Post. The scramjet engines could produce speeds up to Mach 5, and could cut flying time from Shanghai to New York to just two hours, compared to almost 15 hours for commercial airliners today. More

Viking Launches Aerial Firefighter Conversion »

A Canadian sister company of Viking Air Limited, which builds the CL-415 Aerial Firefighter, has launched the Viking CL-415EAF, called the Enhanced Aerial Firefighter. The company will convert and modify 11 acquired CL-215 firefighters to the upgraded turbine version that provides the basis of the EAF. More

Aircraft Loan Rates On The Rise »

A decade of low interest rates on aircraft loans continues to stimulate aircraft sales, but worries about inflation are pushing rates up, says Airfleet Capital, a leading aircraft lender. While no spikes are expected short term, the market is definitely headed higher, says Airfleet’s Jim Blessing. More

American Airlines Dropping Two Regional Carriers »

American Airlines won’t be renewing its contracts with regional carriers ExpressJet and Trans State when they expire in 2019, according to Bloomberg News. The report cites a memo to reservations agents that goes on to state the move is being made to streamline passenger experience and that ExpressJet and Trans State flights will be shifted to other airlines. More