Mooney Aims For 50 A Year »

Mooney hopes to build 20 aircraft this year as it continues its re-entry to the high-performance single market. At a news conference at AirVenture, Director of Marketing Lance Phillips said theyíre planning to ramp up to 40 aircraft next year with a goal of maintaining about 50 aircraft a year after that. More

Ercoupe In A Jam »

It all worked out in the end but the pilot of an Ercoupe 415-D on his way to Ohio from AirVenture likely annoyed thousands of Chicago commuters. More

Training Buoys Engine Market »

The surge in pilot training has been good for the engine business and Lycoming CEO Mike Kraft says heís hopeful it will be sustained. More

D-Day Squadron Gears Up For Normandy Flight »

If flying 1000-plus C-47s to France was a logistical challenge in 1944, itís no less so in 2019. The Daks Over Normandy project, which will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, showed up at AirVenture this week to talk about its extensive planning. More

Epic Certification Expected This Year »

Epic Aircraft is aiming for certification of its big E1000 turboprop single by the end of the year with deliveries to begin by 2019. More

AirVenture Time Capsule: 2017 »

Last yearís show was a stellar and exciting one, if you were a visitor or pilot looking for a great summertime aviation experienceóbut for reporters in search of news, it was a weeklong exercise in frustration. More

AirVenture Time Capsule: 2015 »

Three years ago, AirVenture attendees saw a B-52H Stratofortress bomber makes its first-ever visit to Oshkosh, Rotax introduced its 915iS engine and EAA announced a new prize for innovations in aviation safety. More

Landsberg Confirmed As NTSB Member »

Bruce Landsberg, who is well known in GA circles thanks to 22 years with the AOPA Foundation and Air Safety Institute, has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate as a member and vice-chair of the NTSB. Landsberg was nominated to the position last September by the White House. More