Icon A5 Prices Rise »

Icon Aircraft told deposit holders yesterday that prices for the closely watched light sport would be going up about 30% for a base model and more than 50% for a fully loaded aircraft. More

F-16 Crash Caused By Bad Maintenance »

The F-16C that crashed on April 5, 2017, shortly after departure from Joint Base Andrews, was brought down by faulty reassembly of the main engine control (MEC) unit during overhaul, according to the Air Force Accident Investigation Board assigned to the mishap. More

A Billion Dollars For Virgin Space Planes »

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia will invest $1 billion in three of Richard Branson’s space/aviation companies — Virgin Galactic, The Spaceship Company and Virgin Orbit, Branson announced on Thursday. More

Canada Dropping Checks On Check Pilots? »

Transport Canada might leave all pilot proficiency checks on airline pilots up to the airlines themselves, according to documents obtained by the union representing government inspection pilots. More

FAA Proposes $3.7 Million Fine Against NavWorx »

The FAA wants to fine the now-shuttered NavWorx $3.7 million for allegedly altering its ADS-B transmitters to hide the fact that they used a non-compliant GPS chip. More

Aerobatics Preceded Jeff Pino Crash »

The airspeed indicator in the P-51D flown by former Sikorsky president Jeff Pino was frozen at 530 knots when investigators examined the wreckage from the crash that killed Pino and his friend Nicholas Tramontano near Maricopa, Arizona, in February of 2016. More

AOPA Notches FBO Competition Victories »

AOPA, almost a year into its program to target FBOs charging what it views as “egregious” fuel prices and fees, is starting to declare victory against some of the FBOs on the most-wanted list. OK3 Air, at Heber City Airport, Utah, had been a favorite AOPA target after the owner admitted he kept prices high because he didn’t want more aircraft using the airport. The non-towered field is the closest public airport to Park City, a ski destination and, in January, home of the Sundance Film Festival, which reliably brings in many of the biggest names in Hollywood. More

“Low Sealings” Reported At Utqiagvik Airport »

While accustomed to runway incursions by the local fauna, the bearded seal seeking a moment of repose on Runway 7/25 at Utqiagvik’s Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport was a first for airport personnel. Meadow Bailey, communications director for the Alaska Department of Transportation, says heavy storms had recently come through the area, which perhaps drove the marine mammal to the relative warmth of the asphalt runway. More

NASA Tests New Wing Designs »

NASA researchers are testing new technologies that should lead to wing designs that are lighter, more efficient, quieter and safer than today’s wings, the agency said this week. The Passive Aeroelastic Tailored, or PAT, wing is expected to arrive later this year at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in California. The uniquely designed composite wing is more flexible than conventional wings, said Larry Hudson, chief test engineer at Armstrong Flight Loads Laboratory. More