Boeing Reveals Hypersonic Concept »

Boeing engineers are working on a design for a hypersonic airliner that would travel at speeds up to Mach 5 at altitudes up to 95,000 feet, according to a talk given this week at a conference of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, in Atlanta. The aircraft would cross the Atlantic in about two hours, and the Pacific in about three. More

Pilot Flees After Beach Landing »

A pilot who took an airplane without permission from a banner-towing company in Cape May, New Jersey, was later seen flying erratically over a nearby neighborhood, then landed illegally on a secured Coast Guard beach and fled, according to local news reports. More

Cirrus' Simmons Hurt In Cub Crash »

Cirrus Aircraft has confirmed that Todd Simmons, its VP of customer experience, has been injured in a crash at a remote backcountry strip in Idaho. More

Airlines Losing Weight »

Airlines are losing weight and saving millions as a result, according to Business Traveller magazine. The publication is saying that United Airlines is saving $300,000 a year by using thinner paper for its in-flight magazine while other airlines are using lighter food packaging, trimming seat weight and even ditching paper manuals in favor of tablets to shave ounces from their all-up aircraft weights. More

Bizjet Market Thawing? »

Bloomberg is saying the worst is over for the business jet market as prices for low-time used jets have started inching up. It’s been 10 years since the 2008 market collapse laid waste to the industry. The news organization said an expanding economy, lower corporate taxes and a bizjet-friendly president have taken the chill out of the market and buyers who were sitting on their money waiting for a better deal are now buying. More

Reports Say Citation X Production Has Ended »

Various accounts in the mainstream and aviation media are announcing the end of the line for the world’s fastest business jet but Textron, the manufacturer of the Citation X+, hasn’t publicly confirmed it to our knowledge. More

First PC-24 Lands On Unpaved Runway »

Pilatus has announced the first successful landing of its PC-24 business jet on an unpaved runway as part of a post-certification test program that specifically emphasizes unpaved runway operations. The first two weeks of testing took place at Woodbridge Airfield near London. More

FAPA Holding Job Fair And Future Pilot Forum »

Future and Active Pilot Advisors (FAPA) is holding a free pilot job fair and future pilot forum on Saturday, June 23, in Chicago. Topics to be covered in the forum include financing flight training, pathways for professional pilots and the outlook of the global pilot job market. More

Fatigue Crack Causes British Airways Engine Fire »

The 2015 engine fire on a British Airways 777 was caused by a fatigue crack and the resultant uncontained engine fire, according to the NTSB final report issued on Wednesday. The crack was found in an area of one of the aircraft’s GE GE90-85BG11 engines that was not required to be inspected at the time. More

ATC Privatization Comes Around Again »

Six general aviation associations have issued a statement strongly opposing the inclusion of provisions to privatize air traffic control services in the government reorganization proposal unveiled by the White House on Thursday. More