WACO Gets New Owner »

WACO Aircraft Corporation has been acquired by Florida-based Dimor Group Inc. The acquisition also includes WACO’s FBO and Part 145 maintenance facility, Centennial Aircraft Services, which is located at Michigan’s W. K. Kellogg Regional Airport (KBTL). More

Pilots Not Told About 737 MAX Auto Trim System (Updated) »

Boeing kept airlines and pilots in the dark about an automated background trim system on the 737 MAX that may be implicated in the first crash of the new model in Indonesia last month. The trim system, which is meant to improve pitch characteristics and stall protection, wasn’t even described in any of the documentation provided to pilots on the new aircraft. More

Stunt Rapper Accident Report Released »

It would appear an extreme sport video crew learned a harsh lesson in aerodynamics last month when the star of their video was killed in British Columbia. More

Few Injuries In Two Overruns »

A couple of runway overruns in the last few days have wrecked millions in hardware but not hurt anyone seriously. On Friday morning, a Fly Jamaica Boeing 757 went off the end of Cheddi Jagan International Airport’s runway in Guyana and plowed into a sand pile at the lip of a 40-foot drop. More

Wild Ride For E190 Crew Over Portugal »

A crew of six doing what appears to have been a post-maintenance check on an Astana Airlines Embraer E190 nearly ditched the aircraft in the ocean after it became uncontrollable shortly after takeoff. The crew reported multiple system failures as they endured a wild ride over the countryside northeast of Lisbon, Portugal, where the aircraft had apparently been undergoing maintenance for more than a month. More

Vegas Tower Controller Incapacitated »

The FAA has increased controller staffing at Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport tower after the only controller on duty late Wednesday apparently became incapacitated at her position. Confused pilots on the ground stopped where they were for about eight minutes and talked among themselves about the issues in the tower before a second controller returned from a break and took over. More

DOT Audits FAA Role In Drone Authorizations »

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of Inspector General has announced that it will be conducting an audit of the FAA’s role in authorizing Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS/drone) flights within the National Airspace System. More

Hawkins Out As Icon CEO »

Icon Aircraft founder Kirk Hawkins is “stepping back” as CEO of the company and while it appears he’s staying on his new role hasn’t been clearly defined. More

Bombardier To Cut 5,000 Jobs »

Bombardier announced on Thursday that it intends to cut approximately 5,000 positions across the organization as part of a plan to “further streamline, lean out and simplify the company.” The staff reductions will take place over the next 12 to 18 months and Bombardier says it expects the move will save the company around $250 million annually by 2021. More

Diamond Flies Multi-Engine Hybrid »

Diamond Aircraft announced the successful first flight of a multi-engine hybrid aircraft it developed in partnership with Siemens AG. The aircraft is a reconfigured (formerly single-engine) DA40, which the company says uses a combustion engine to power two independent electric drive systems consisting of a motor, battery and inverter each. More