Amanda Franklin Dies

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Airshow performer Amanda Franklin died Friday night in a hospital from complications of burns she suffered in a March 12 crash in Brownsville, Texas. Husband Kyle Franklin announced the sad news in a Facebook posting late Friday. "It is with a broken heart that I tell you that my beautiful girl Amanda passed away at 10:10 central time this evening," he wrote. Kyle and other close relatives were at her bedside. On Thursday Franklin announced that his wife, who crashed with him while performing their wing-walking routine, had been placed on Comfort Care for her final days. Amanda and Kyle's crash had left her badly burned and treatments to combat the damage from the burns, infection and effects on her major organs were no longer effective. She was taken off of most of her life support, with the exception of ventilator, sedation meds and pain meds. "I believe at this point this is what she would want me to do," Kyle said Thursday.

Amanda's condition had been tenuous since the crash although shortly after the accident, Kyle had written hopefully that his wife was "doing well." The couple's Waco UPF-7 biplane reportedly suffered engine trouble before going down in trees near the runway at Brownsville. Amanda had been in her position on the top wing of the aircraft as the aircraft came down, but made it into the cockpit prior to impact. Kyle, who was in the rear cockpit, was able to free himself immediately after the crash and returned to the aircraft in an effort to free his wife. While trying to extract her from the burning wreck, Kyle suffered burns that also put him in the hospital. In Thursday's post he said he felt Amanda would be happy to see her father and his father again. The final paragraph included these words:

"Amanda my love, I love you with all my heart, soul and everything I am. Our life together here was supposed to be seventy years not seven, but I look forward to seeing you in my dreams every night my love."