It's Learn To Fly Day, Saturday

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May 15, 2010, is national Learn to Fly Day, which means that participating flight schools, airports, flight instructors and aviation enthusiasts across the country will host Learn to Fly seminars completely free of charge. Hundreds of venues across the country are expected to host Learn To Fly events, Saturday, in what may be the largest push for pilots in recent memory. This year, Learn to Fly Day has been organized and sponsored by EAA volunteers in conjunction with AOPA, Remos Aircraft, and, which provided presenters with standardized materials. Those materials include a "press here to play" presentation package to serve as the foundation for Saturday's organized events. While it's too late for you to receive a package and host your own event, you can still visit the Learn To Fly Day website to find a catalog of every participating events listed by state and venue, plus a link to free tickets (which are required to attend). You can also attend online.

AVweb first told you about Learn to Fly Day back in February when we also interviewed, Gary Bradshaw, the founder of PilotJourney exists as a gatekeeper for quality flight schools, not just on learn to fly day, but every day. It is a resource and starting point for aspiring pilots. In February, Bradshaw told AVweb that the nationwide effort is volunteer supported, open to all, and participation was encouraged. His enthusiasm was bountiful.

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