Volume 28, Number 16d, April 16, 2021
Nine-O-Nine Final Report Cites Inadequate SMS Oversight
The board attributed the loss of power in three engines to inadequate maintenance and inattention to the voluntary safety management system the foundation implemented two years before the accident.   Read this article
Sun ‘N Fun: Blowing Off The Rust
Most of us haven't attended a major show for more than a year and half. It took a while for it all to come rushing back.    Read this article
Lakeland Aero Club Assembling Cub At Sun ‘N Fun
The students of the Lakeland Aero Club are building a Patriot Aircraft PA-18R Recruit Cub this week at the Sun […] Read this article

Williams International Tests SAF On FJ44
Engine manufacturer Williams International announced on Wednesday that it has completed a successful flight test using 100 percent sustainable aviation […] Read this article

Sun 'N Fun 2021: Aerolite 103 Gets Electric Propulsion
As electric propulsion systems become more accessible, we’re seeing them begin to appear in experimental and ultralight aircraft. In this […] Read this article

Metal vs. Wood
As we discussed in Part 1 last month, after buying and testing a new Sterba wood propeller for my Hatz biplane, it was […] Read this article

Boeing Spotlights Its Optimism For Aviation-Industry Financials
“There generally continues to be liquidity in the market for our customers, and we expect it to further improve as travel begins to rebound.” - Tim Myers, President of Boeing Capital Corporation Read this article

ATP To Take Delivery Of New Archer TXs
ATP Flight School is expected to take delivery of 25 Piper Archer TX training aircraft this year, according to an […] Read this article

Picture of the Week, April 15, 2021
This picture was taken on March 27 at Lee/Annapolis Airport (KANP). I own the 1946 Cessna 120 and CFI Joe Gauvreau is teaching my girlfriend, who is a PPL, to fly tailwheel. The picture was taken with a Sony A6500 using a Sony 70-350mm lens. Copyrighted photo by Jason Cober. Read this article