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Volume 30, Number 35a, August 28, 2023
MiG Airshow Pilot Says He 'Was Not Ready To Eject'
It would appear no one was more surprised than the pilot when he and a back-seat “observer” ejected from the MiG-23 they were flying at a Michigan airshow Aug. 13. In the preliminary report on the incident, the NTSB says[…]   Read this article
Yeah, Fear Of Crashes Keeps More People Out Of Aviation Than We Admit
When I interviewed Randy Schlitter of RANS aircraft last month, I knew going in that his factory is sort of a poster child for serial production automation. As he explained in the interview, computer numerical control equipment is getting more[…]   Read this article
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AVweb Rewind: Why Aircraft Engines Quit
Aircraft engines, for obvious reasons, are supposed to be reliable, but having one tank is a recurring nightmare for many pilots. How often does it happen? Often enough, but as AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli reveals in this video, the risk is[…] Read this article

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FAA Revokes Certificates Of 60 Pilots Getting VA Benefits
The FAA says it’s revoked the pilot certificates of 60 pilots as part of a project by the Department of Veterans Affairs to cross-reference its list of those receiving benefits with the medical records of active pilots. According to a[…] Read this article

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FAA Wants To Close Airline/Charter Loophole
The FAA says it intends to close a regulatory loophole that allows non-ATP commercial pilots as crew on passenger flights that are “essentially indistinguishable” from regular airline flights. The rule, 14 CFR Part 380, allows Part 135 charter operations to[…] Read this article

Three Marines Killed In Osprey Crash
Three U.S. Marines were killed and five were hospitalized in the crash of an MV-22B Osprey during a training exercise in Australia on Sunday. There were 23 Marines aboard the tiltrotor transport when the accident occurred. It happened about 9:30[…] Read this article

Hornet Down At Miramar (Corrected)
The Marine Corps has confirmed an F/A-18D fighter crashed at its Miramar Air Station near San Diego late Thursday, killing the pilot. The aircraft went down on federal property east of the developed portion of the base. Rescuers recovered the[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, August 25, 2023
Yeah, Fear Of Crashes Keeps More People Out Of Aviation Than We Admit It is an interesting conundrum that people get all upset when one of those “dangerous” little airplanes crashes, but simply shrug when there were two or three[…] Read this article