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Volume 30, Number 2d, January 12, 2023
NOTAM System Outage Halts U.S. Flights (UPDATED)
Technicians were doing a rare reboot of the NOTAM system when the decision was made to issue a ground stop early Wednesday. The system got glitchy on Tuesday afternoon and the agency found a single corrupted file in both the[…]   Read this article
Canada Works Around Coincidental NOTAM Outage
Canada lost its NOTAM system for a few hours on Wednesday, but there were no flight delays. As a ground stop initiated by the failure of the FAA NOTAM system delayed or canceled thousands of flights, the Canadian system, operated[…]   Read this article
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FAA Comments On Chart Changes
The FAA has confirmed that it has stripped most of the data from charts that overlap on foreign airspace but it hasn’t said why. The agency responded to AVweb’s inquiry about the unpopular move on Wednesday but added little information[…] Read this article

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Takeoff Aborted When Engine Catches Fire
The crew of a Delta Boeing 757 had to abort a takeoff at John Wayne International Airport in Santa Ana, California, when the right engine failed and caught fire on Tuesday. The aircraft had just started its takeoff roll when[…] Read this article

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